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Spouse Employment Workshop


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Training to assist the military spouse with employment opportunities.

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Spouse Employment Workshop

  1. 1. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power WELCOME TO SPOUSE EMPLOYMENT ORIENTATION Airman & Family Readiness Center
  2. 2. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power ADMINISTRATIVE NOTES Bathrooms Breaks Cell phones off A&FRC Commercial Agenda and Handouts
  3. 3. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Please visit our website to see when and what classes are offered:
  4. 4. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Employment 375 FORCE SUPPORT SQUADRON
  5. 5.  What is Nonappropriated Funds (NAF)  Appointments  Preferences  Employment Categories  Job Listing  Positions  375th Force Support Squadron Activities
  6. 6.  Funds generated by DoD military and civilian personnel and their dependents and used to augment funds appropriated by Congress to provide a comprehensive, morale-building welfare, religious, educational and recreational program, designed to improve the well-being of military and civilian personnel and their family members.
  7. 7.  Management  Administrative (White Collar) Positions  Crafts and Trades (Blue Collar) Positions  Child and Youth Program Assistants
  8. 8.  Military Spouse  Veterans  Transition Hiring
  9. 9. You Can Claim Military Spouse Preference If:  You are on your spouses Permanent Change Stations (PCS) orders to Scott  Your spouse has updated PCS orders to Scott to include you as a dependent  Applicable to CY, NF-III and below and CT positions  Must meet qualifications  Preference is terminated upon acceptance of declination of a continuing NAF position for which the spouse is eligible  Note: preference applies only when the grade/pay band for which the spouse has applied is no higher than that previously held in federal service
  10. 10. You Can Claim Veterans Preference If:  You are a disabled veteran  You served on active duty in the Armed Forces during certain periods or in a military campaign  You served 180 consecutive days on active duty from 11 Sep 2001 to the close of Operation Iraqi Freedom
  11. 11. You Can Claim Transition Hiring Preference If:  You have, or in some cases a family member, have been identified as THP prior to being involuntarily separated from the military  You are applying for Pay Band positions NF-III and below, Child Care positions CY-01 thru CY-05, and hourly rate equivalent Crafts and Trades positions.  THP can only be used once and the applicant must be fully qualified
  12. 12.  Military Spouse Upload a copy of your PCS orders  Veterans’ Preference Upload a copy of DD 214, Certification of Discharge, Member 4  Transition Hiring Preference Upload a copy of the Transition Assistance ID Card and your orders showing you have been involuntarily separated
  13. 13.  NAF has two types of Employment Categories: --Regular – guaranteed a minimum of 20 hours and can work up to 40 hours in a work week and receive benefits - such as Annual Leave, Sick Leave, 401(k), retirement, health and life insurance coverage --Flexible – guaranteed no hours but can work up to 40 hours in a work week and receive no benefits
  14. 14.  or
  15. 15.  Positions are advertised 4 ways --Hot --Open until Filled --By Specific Closing Date --Always Open
  16. 16.  Acceptable application forms -Resume  OF 306 Declaration for Federal Employment  Driving Record (as required)  Drivers License (as applicable)  PCS Orders, DD 214, Transition Assistance ID Card and involuntarily separated orders  Other Certificates (as required)
  17. 17. Automotive Mechanic Bartender Caterer Club Operations Assistant Child and Youth Program Assistant Cook Commercial Sponsorship Coordinator Cook Supervisor Cashier/Checker Custodial Worker Food Service Worker Human Resources Assistant Guest Services Representative Library Aid Library Technician Librarian (Reference) Maintenance Worker Marketing Assistant Quality Assurance Assistant Recreation Specialist Recreation Assistant Recreation Aid Sales Clerk Supply Technician Supervisory Supply Technician Waiter School Age Program Coordinator Wood Worker Career Program Positions: Club Manager Bowling Center Manager Golf Course Manager Assistant Golf Course Manager Golf Course Superintendent Lodging Manager Assistant Lodging Manager
  18. 18.  Arts & Crafts Center  Bowling Center  Child Development Center  Scott Club  Family Child Care  Golf Course  Human Resources Office  Information Tickets & Tour  Library  Lodging  Marketing  NAF Financial Management Office  Outdoor Recreation  Pronto Pizza  Student Union  Youth Center
  19. 19. Questions????
  20. 20. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Exploring Employment Opportunities with the Exchange-Scott AFB Presented to: Military Spouses Dawn Hendrix & Patricia Lovins Human Resources Office
  21. 21. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Our Mission  To provide quality services and merchandise to our customers at competitively low prices and to generate earnings to support the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) programs of the Army and Air Force.
  22. 22. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power  All applications are accepted online at:  Click on Apply Here  Select New and returning applicants  Select Search Openings  Select US-Illinois-Scott AFB under the Exchange Locations How to apply for the Exchange
  23. 23. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Online Profiles  You must have an online profile in order to apply  If a profile has already been established, login and apply to the job(s).  If you do not have a profile, click on the option to create a login and follow the instructions to complete the application.
  24. 24. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Benefits of Employment  We have numerous advancement programs that are offered to our associates  Hiring our military, their families and our veterans is one small way we can support those who have sacrificed for us.  We offer spousal preference!!!
  25. 25. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Spousal Continuity Program  Since 2012, the Exchange has hired over 10,000 military spouses , including 5,200 in 2011, while 1,100 spouses received promotions.  Take advantage of our Spouse Continuity program instead of resigning when it’s time to PCS.  To be eligible for the Spouse Continuity program, associates must: • Want a position in the same category (full-time, part- time, intermittent) • Be PCSing with Sponsor • Have six (6) months Exchange service • Have a rating of ‘Satisfactory’ or higher on the most recent performance evaluation
  26. 26. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Contact Information  You may reach the Scott HR Office with any questions: • Located in the rear of the Main Store • Monday through Friday from 0730 to 1600 hours. • Phone number: 618-744-0544, ext 306.  Human Resources staff: • Dawn M. Hendrix-Human Resources Manager • Patricia Lovins-Human Resources Assistant
  27. 27. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Thank You! The only thing missing from the Exchange is YOU!!!
  28. 28. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Break
  29. 29. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Civilian Personnel Office 618-256-9328 Military Spouse Preference Program (S)
  30. 30. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Military Spouse Preference Program  The Military Spouse Preference Program applies to spouses of active duty military members of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the U.S. Coast Guard and full-time National Guard, who desire priority consideration for competitive service positions at DoD activities in the U.S. and its territories and possessions.
  31. 31. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Authority’s Intended Effect  Facilitate entry of military spouses into the Federal Civil Service.  Provide employment access to spouses negatively impacted due to relocation, incapacitation, or death of service members (SM).  Recruit and retain skilled and experienced members of the armed forces.  Minimize disruption when military families relocate.
  32. 32. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Who is Eligible for this Authority?  Spouse of a Service Member on active duty when they receive orders to relocate to Scott Air Force Base; or  Spouse of Service Member whose disability resulted from active duty in the armed forces; or  Un-remarried widow or widower of a Service Member who was killed while on active duty in the armed forces, it does not have to be combat related. NOTE: Military Spouses are ineligible for Program “S” when the sponsor relocates in conjunction with retirement or separation.
  33. 33. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Eligibility Requirements for Active Duty Spouse  Spouse must be indicated on the PCS orders  Must have been married on, or prior to, the date of the service member’s orders  Must relocate with the service member to new duty station  Noncompetitive appointment is limited to the geographical area as specified in the PCS orders  Must meet all pre-employment criteria (U.S. Citizen, Suitability, Etc.)  May receive only one noncompetitive appointment under this authority
  34. 34. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Eligibility Continued -  Spouses are eligible for a noncompetitive appointment under this authority for a maximum of 2 years from the date of the Service Member’s PCS orders.  Must be immediately appointable under noncompetitive procedures  Current Career/Career-Conditional  Reinstatement Eligibility  E.O. 12721 Eligibility (overseas spouse)  E.O. 13473 Eligibility (Effective Sept. 11, 2009)  Current VRA or Schedule A disabled
  35. 35. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Qualifying PCS Moves
  36. 36. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Registration Options  Spouses may register  Upon arrival in new duty station area; or  At current location within 30 days of sponsor’s reporting date *If spouse does not initially relocate with the sponsor, cannot register until residing in the new duty station area.
  37. 37. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Registration Requirements  Spouse must provide  Current application or resume (hard copy/electronic)  Sponsor’s orders  Last performance appraisal  Proof of E.O. eligibility (if applicable)  Last SF50, SF75, Career Brief, Supv Certification of Performance
  38. 38. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Contact Information Civilian Personnel POC: Amanda Gerstner 618-256-9331 or 618-256-9328
  39. 39. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Questions???
  40. 40. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Break
  41. 41. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Preparing for Employment Workshops and Opportunities to Update Your Resume and Fine Tune Your Skills
  42. 42. Illinois Department of Employment Security
  43. 43. is a web-based job search tool that features current job openings, connecting skilled job seekers to employers in Illinois. Illinois
  44. 44. CIS Job Seeker gives you the opportunity to: Learn more about YOURSELF Explore occupation OPTIONS Find TRAINING & EDUCATION Identify FINANCIAL AID Find a JOB Visit CIS Job Seeker today
  45. 45. CIS Portal Page Go to IL Resident Tab Choose CIS Job Seeker
  46. 46. Save favorites, assessments and sorts • My Portfolio in CIS
  47. 47. 4519 West Main Street Belleville, IL 62223 618.277.8491
  48. 48. Questions?
  49. 49. VOLUNTEERING • Great way to: o add skills or keep employment current o Network into a new job • Treat as a REAL job on your resume • Locally – coordinate with Red Cross for opportunities o To apply, go to: types
  50. 50. VOLUNTEERING IDEAS  Dental clinic  Administrative  Like to take pics or have the gift of “gab”?  Volunteer to manage the organization’s social media campaign  Only job available is in Disaster Relief?  Can provide valuable Case Management experience
  51. 51. Established by the DOD to provide education and career guidance to military spouse
  52. 52.  Spouses of active-duty, National Guard and Reserve in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force  Spouses of military members separated from active duty, National Guard and Reserve for less than 180 days  Surviving spouses of military members who died while on active duty
  53. 53. Select your MyICP path page to access the customized activities you can complete to help you meet your goals.
  54. 54. Volunteer
  55. 55.  Spouse of service members on active duty in pay grades E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2 and O-1 to O-2 › Spouse of National Guard and Reserve must be able to start and complete their coursework while the sponsor is on Title 10 orders * Coast Guard spouses are not eligible * Spouses who are married but legally separated from a service member are not eligible
  56. 56.  Provides up to $2,000 annually › Annual cap waivers are available for a licensure or certificate program if there is an upfront tuition cost that exceeds $2,000  Maximum educational benefit is $4,000
  57. 57.  Tuition costs for education and training courses and examinations leading to: › Associate Degrees (Excluding degrees in general studies, liberal arts and interdisciplinary studies that do not have a concentration) › License › Certificate or Certification *Must be from an accredited college, university or technical school or approved testing organization that expands employment opportunities for military spouses.
  58. 58.  Tuition for courses not included in the spouse’s Education and Training Plan  Courses already started or completed  Books, supplies, equipment, and uniforms  Fees of any kind (ex. Registration fees)  CEUs to maintain a standing in a professional organization
  59. 59. ATTENTION – Effective February 13, 2015, the MyCAA Scholarship Program will be implementing the Department of Defense Self-Service Logon, or DS Logon, for accessing all MyCAA accounts.
  60. 60.  education/complaint
  61. 61. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Questions?
  62. 62. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power The Future You Want Starts Here. Edward Jones
  63. 63. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power A Successful Career Getting off to a great start will lead to short-term gains and long-term dividends. You can become prepared, trained, mentored and networked in ways college can’t offer and how most companies won’t.
  64. 64. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power Respect Being part of a Fortune 100 firm earns you immediate respect. More importantly, our culture within the firm ensures your voice will be heard.
  65. 65. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power
  66. 66. AMC’s Showcase Wing…Enabling Combat Power CLOSING