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The Great War 100 - Telling the story of WW1 using infographics

The Great War 100 - app for iOS and Android, and a hard back book due for publication in 2014.

Telling the story of The First World War using Infographics.

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The Great War 100 - Telling the story of WW1 using infographics

  1. Telling the Story of The First World War using infographics
  2. The ‘D’ Word...For many, history can be a bit, well...
  3. The ‘D’ Word......dull
  4. www.thegreatwar100.comThe general perception of history books are that they are old fashioned...
  5. they are not necessarily written for the ordinary man in the street...
  6. www.thegreatwar100.comThat they are just a way for the author to prove how clever and academically superior they are.
  7. www.thegreatwar100.comWhatever the reason, many peoplestill do not know much about WW1
  8. www.thegreatwar100.comThese days, history needs to adapt to modern tastes.
  9. www.thegreatwar100.comAttention spans are tiny.
  10. www.thegreatwar100.comPeople are after the history of the world in 140 characters, not 140 pages.
  11. www.thegreatwar100.comThe general public are becoming less and less inclined to read those 900 page epics
  12. www.thegreatwar100.comThey do not always require intimate details of every single tiny aspect.
  13. www.thegreatwar100.comThey want a general overview that gets straight to the point.
  14. www.thegreatwar100.comin an easy to digest format.
  15. www.thegreatwar100.comthat doesn’t take up hours and hours of their lives
  16. www.thegreatwar100.combut gives them a decent level of background knowledge
  17. so they can hold their ownin a conversation down the pub
  18. www.thegreatwar100.comOr perhaps be inspired to learn more about it in their own time
  19. www.thegreatwar100.comSo, this got us thinking... What if you could tell the story of WW1 by using graphics instead of words.
  20. www.thegreatwar100.comThis could help bring history telling into the modern era
  21. www.thegreatwar100.comIt would overcome the issues of short attention spans
  22. www.thegreatwar100.comand the need for 900 page epics that no one reads
  23. www.thegreatwar100.comit would give people just enough information but not drown them in detail
  24. www.thegreatwar100.comand would help people learn about the First World War as we approach the Centenary
  25. The Great War 100 App available now for iOS and AndroidTelling the story of WW1 using infographics
  26. www.thegreatwar100.comCurrently over 100 infographics in 10 categories... and growing every month
  27. www.thegreatwar100.comIncluding an Overview
  28. www.thegreatwar100.comBattles
  29. www.thegreatwar100.comWeapons
  30. www.thegreatwar100.comThe war in the air
  31. www.thegreatwar100.comU-boats
  32. www.thegreatwar100.comThe War at Sea
  33. www.thegreatwar100.comCasualties
  34. www.thegreatwar100.comWar Firsts
  35. www.thegreatwar100.comTanks
  36. www.thegreatwar100.comRemembrance
  37. www.thegreatwar100.comThe Great War 100 app for iPhone/iPad/Android
  38. Search for ‘The Great War 100’on either the Apple App Store or Google Play
  39. Or visit