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SXSW 2012 Panel: Rise of Co-created Shared World Communities

Audio-enabled presentation of this SXSW 2012 panel. Presenters: Esther Lim, Scott Walker, & J. Craig Williams. Visit for more (tweetstream, contact info, etc.).

SXSW 2012 Panel: Rise of Co-created Shared World Communities

  1. The Rise of Co-createdStoryworld CommunitiesHash tag: #SXSW #CCSWCEsther LimScott Walker Presented atJ. Craig Williams SXSW 2012
  2. #CCSWCText CCSWC to 50500
  3. Challenge: Acquiring Audiences
  4. Effort: Keeping audiences engaged
  5. Effort: Managing growth
  6. Still losing our audiences
  7. Dream: An evergreen community
  8. Shared Storyworlds
  9. What is a Shared Storyworld?
  10. What is a Shared Storyworld? a framework for co-creating valuewith currently unknown collaborators
  11. Value Co-creationConsumers are a source of competenceContributing official content is thedeepest form of audience engagementUser-generated content (UGC)inherently has value
  12. Traditional EntertainmentOfficial Content (canon)
  13. Traditional EntertainmentOfficial Content Unofficial Content (canon) (fandom)
  14. Shared StoryworldOfficial Content Unofficial Content (canon) (fandom)
  15. Shared Storyworld “Official Fandom”Official Content Unofficial Content (canon) (fandom)
  16. Shared Storyworlds Sci-Fi Fantasy Drama Webisode TV Fiction Online Video Audio Text Photos Art ARGs LARPs RPGs
  17. “BUT... do you build one?”
  18. 3 Key Practice Areas Creative Operational Legal fun necessary important Storytelling Submissions Copyright Worldbuilding Systems Trademarks Inviting Community Money
  19. 3 Key Practice Areas Creative Storytelling • What’s the core narrative (characters)? • Is it a compelling narrative/experiences? • Are there additional narratives (i.e., transmedia)? • How will contributions be integrated? • Will official but non-canonical contributions be allowed?
  20. 3 Key Practice Areas Creative Worldbuilding • What’s the tone/setting of the world (genre, mythology, attributes, etc.)? • How high is the hurdle for contributors? • How dependent on contributions are you? • Is it a single or multi-platform experience? • What mediums will be used internally?
  21. 3 Key Practice Areas Creative Inviting • How will you scope participation (limitations)? • What mediums can contributors use? • How will invitations be designed (entry points)?
  22. 3 Key Practice AreasOperational Submissions / Systems / Marketing • What technologies/resources are necessary? • What is the process for submissions? • What is the content workflow process? • What is the process for payments (if applicable)? • How will you scale based on submissions? • How will you identify, connect and engage audiences?
  23. 3 Key Practice Areas Legal Intellectual Property / Money • Assignment of rights for accepted contributions? • Can audiences remix each other’s contributions? • Are there limitations on trademarks? • Under what conditions will contributors be paid? • Any additive licensing (e.g., Creative Commons)? • Do you have a rights management system? • Do you have a revenue payment system?
  24. ultimately, the real answerto all of these questions is:“it depends”
  25. Storyworld Communities
  26. Steps for architecting ascalable communityImplement a sociallistening programEstablish a curationsystemHave a communitygrowth strategy
  27. Listening leads to insight, 1which leads to action EARN ABOUT COMMUNITY DENTIFY ADVOCATES/TALENT ET CLEAR EXPECTATIONS EACH
  28. What am Ilistening orlooking for?‣ Storyworld comments‣ New fan content/ discussions‣ Community leaders‣ Volume of Conversations
  29. Social metrics provides directionInsights + Actions = Loyalty, Advocacy, Evangelism
  30. Free ToolsHow do I “hear” the conversations? Inexpensive Paid Tools Tools
  31. Establish a Community 2Curation SystemHierarchical review andapproval structureGuidelines on roles andexpectationsEstablished rules/work flowfor content submissions
  32. Sample Curation System creators ^ contributors ^ Community + ^ Curators ^ Spotters ^ Community
  33. 3How to manage growthCreate a system for introducing newmembers into the communitySenior community memberseducate new members onstoryworld rulesProvide a clear path of progressionfor advancing in the community
  34. Community progression • Storyworld Contributor unlock through positive feedback mechanisms from community and content creator(s), completion of escalating content creation tasks • Advocate Role unlock through progressing a series of levels with positive feedback from community peers • Levels unlock community privileges. Unlocked through a combination of earned and social points • Use Points (Social, play) for P2P recognition and engagement rewards - redeemable for community goods
  35. Co-creation Legalities
  36. The BasicsIntellectual Property EnforcementCopyright Cease & DesistTrademark Takedown NoticePatent Federal Lawsuit
  37. Types of ContractsEULATerms of UseRelationship between the parties Sole proprietorship Partnership - general and limited Limited Liability Company Corporation (sub S)
  38. Self-ProtectionInsurance - broad formAdvertising LiabilityCopyright Coverage
  39. Monetizing Your I.P. Ideas Designs CodeRegister Register Registercopyright trademark patent $35 $375 $190
  40. Do I Need An Attorney?Trademarks? Probably (~$1,000)Patents? Probably (~$15,000)Drafting Contracts? Ideally Who, what, why, how, where, when “Now that I’m in this mess, how do I get out?” Cost depends on complexity
  41. The Rise of Co-createdStoryworld Communities Q Esther Lim @geekgrl & A Scott Walker @scott_walkerJ. Craig Williams @jcraigwilliams #CCSWC Text CCSWC to 50500 Presented at SXSW 2012
  42. image attribution “My Listening Ears” by Niclas Lindh “Hoops” by Benjamin Carnevale “Photographer_2FL” by James Russo “Me” by Luis Avilesortiz “Concert Crowd (Osheaga 2009)” by Anirudh Koul “Circus comes to town” by Ken Conley “Day 18: Red on Blue, Return to Reilly” by Mike Wren “You are Here” by Scott Walker “Biosphere” by Márcio Cabral de Moura “Star Wars Uncut” logo from “Feet Week - On the Backs of Others” by Justin Litton“501st Legion Singapore Garrison Christmas Kettling“ by gordon (TD8316) “Listen, understand, act” by Steven Shorrock unknown image (source: “Writing-in bowings” by izzyplante “Hollywood Sign” by Sjors & Jennifer “Getting to the Truth”, by Xoe Craft “Hunt for Gollum” image (source: “Clip-Wings” by Dark Helmet

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Audio-enabled presentation of this SXSW 2012 panel. Presenters: Esther Lim, Scott Walker, & J. Craig Williams. Visit for more (tweetstream, contact info, etc.).


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