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Co-creating Value With Audiences


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Presented at the FMX 2012 conference as part of the transmedia track.

Co-creating Value With Audiences

  1. 1. Co-creating value with audiencesScott Walker
  2. 2. The Artist’s Dilemma
  3. 3. Audiences are: consumers
  4. 4. Audiences are: fans
  5. 5. Audiences are: customers
  6. 6. Audiences are: producers
  7. 7. “Final Fantasy” Fan ArtAudiences are: creators
  8. 8. ...satirical Response to Toyota brake recall
  9. 9. ...helpful Fan-edited Trailer to promote “John Carter”
  10. 10. ...civically engaged The Harry Potter Alliance
  11. 11. ...devoted Tardis Box Tattoo
  12. 12. ...funnyThe Most Interesting Man In The World (Of Warcraft)
  13. 13. audiences areintelligentcreativeawesome!
  14. 14. Ignore
  15. 15. Impede
  16. 16. Invite
  17. 17. Value Co-creationAudiences are a source of competence &User-generated content (UGC) hasinherent value
  18. 18. Shared Story World Co-creative SpaceOfficial Content Unofficial Content (canon) (fandom)
  19. 19. Shared Story Worldnoun ˈsherd ˈstȯr-ē ˈwər(-ə)lda framework for co-creating valuewith unknown collaboratorswithin a pre-existing context
  20. 20. Shared Story Worlds Sci-Fi Fantasy Drama Webisode TV Fiction Online Video Audio Text Photos Art ARGs LARPs RPGs
  21. 21. SSW CommonalitiesContextCall to CollaborateNegative SpaceScope
  22. 22. SSW Practice AreasCreative Operational Legal
  23. 23. WorldbuildingInherent aspects (genre, mythology, etc.)?How high is the hurdle for contributors?How much is off-limits to contributors?
  24. 24. StorytellingIs there a core narrative?If not, how will the world serve as a story?If so, how does the story relate to the world?(and yes, your world is a character!)
  25. 25. InvitationsScope for each invitation?What is the design of each invitation? Will you acknowledge UGC?
  26. 26. ContentWhat technologies/resources are necessary?What is the process for submissions?What is the content workflow process?What is the process for payments?Rights management system?
  27. 27. CommunityHow will you target consumers?How will you target contributors?What tiers of contribution will you offer?How will audiences migrate up through the tiers?
  28. 28. Documenting the visionHow do you want the world to work?What kind of artist/audience relationship?What limitations/guidelines do you want/need?
  29. 29. Rights / RevenueParity exchange for contributing?Additive licensing (e.g., Creative Commons)?Remix rights?Which international laws will apply?Payment conditions/terms (remix/anthologies)?
  30. 30. ultimately, the real answerto all of these questions is:it depends
  31. 31. The Artist’s Dilemma ort un ity O pp
  32. 32. for more information please visit:
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