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Earth stream global profile

  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. The earth is blessed with an abundance of naturalresources that provide the energy, commoditiesand materials to power the global economy.EarthStream is a specialist recruiting businessdedicated to the energy & resources sectors,with a truly global footprint.We supply technical, engineering and commercialresources to operators, explorers, EPC serviceproviders, equipment manufacturers, utilitycompanies and consultancies anywhere in theworld.We divide our business into three coreindustry sectors:Oil & Gas Mining & Resources Energy & Utilities
  3. 3. Global Coverage As natural resources become more difficult and more expensive to find and exploit, the need to work with 6 Continents a truly global workforce provider becomes more essential. 20 Offices With twenty offices in operation in six continents EarthStream has successfully delivered candidates to work in more than fifty countries since our inception. 50 Countries Our global database of over 250,000 energy and resources specialists mean we can deliver local nationals, expatriates or FIFO experts to any region in the 250,000 Candidates world on either a direct hire or contract assignment basis.
  4. 4. Global Workforce Solutions The global energy & resources sectors are facing an impending talent crisis, based on the continuing EarthStream Workforce Solution natural resources boom driven by emerging market demand. This is joined in parallel with the ageing workforce challenge and looming retirement exodus in traditional oil & gas, mining and utility industries. Market Technical Global knowledge expertise network EarthStream help companies win the energy & resources talent war by using our extensive market knowledge, technical expertise and global network to find the most sought after talent in each market sector. Our full suite of recruitment service models, value added services and comprehensive coverage combine to deliver the total workforce solution.
  5. 5. Our Process Networking Communication We assign a significant global spend on recruitment We have implemented a rigorous screening process, advertising to generate active candidates, with transparency of approach and open dialogue with a social media networking methodology to identify clients that enable us to deliver high quality candidates and proactively target passive candidates. in optimum time frames. Technology Expert Knowledge We have a dedicated data mining & research team Our recruiters focus on specific functional disciplines that is continuously building our global database to develop an expert knowledge in their sector, which and the use of technology is key to our efficiency. enables them to find the best people and unique skills in each market sector.
  6. 6. Global Offices The Americas Europe Middle East & Africa Asia Pacific Toronto - Canada London - UK Dubai - UAE Singapore Atlanta - US Aberdeen - UK Muscat - Oman Kuala Lumpar - Malaysia Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Malaga - Spain Centurion - South Africa Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam Paris - France Cape Town - South Africa Perth - Australia Munich - Germany Makeni - Sierra Leone Shanghai - China
  7. 7. Our aims Vision & ValuesClarity of visionOur vision is to become one of the We have created a positive, dynamic vision, Our client service philosophy is based on with a clear roadmap aligned to passionate delivery, accountability, quality service,world’s leading recruiting providers commitment to achieve our vision. We aim maintaining long-term client relationshipsto the global natural resources sector to be at the leading edge of providing the and exceeding expectations. talent that will help deliver the world’s energyand help our clients win the war for & resources needs whilst also providing the We conduct our business with respect for people, community and the environment,talent. talent that will help the planet’s transition to aligned to a passion for the natural resources the low carbon economy. sector and the critical role it has to play in the Our core values are based on ethics, integrity, future economic prosperity of our planet. honesty, transparency, compliance, discipline, responsibility and safety.
  8. 8. Client Services Direct Hire Workforce A trusted partner EarthStream can help augment your We bring a high-quality, focussed, personalised, approach to every candidate search by fully understanding requirements full time employee base by providing and then developing a customised strategy for identifying specialists on a permanent direct and securing this talent. hire basis. We provide direct hire candidates on a pricing model that is contingent upon the successful hire of a full time employee and provide critical feedback and guidance throughout the process.
  9. 9. Client Services Flexible WorkforceTotal agilityEarthStream enables clients Our global database and freelance network is comprised of mobile experts that can help deliver projects by buying-in skillsto utilise flexible contract hire on a project related basis.specialists on short term or We have experience of supporting diverse projects across alllong term assignments energy & resources sectors in multiple regions in the world, including harsh environments.anywhere in the world. We provide flexible daily or hourly rate contractors for assignments, complete with payroll & mobilisation support services.
  10. 10. Client Services Global WorkforceKnowing where to huntThe boom in natural resources EarthStream provides managed campaigns to target talent pools with a view to relocating specialists fromis creating in-country skill one country to another, to help meet local demand. shortages that in some cases We manage the entire project, from researchingcan only be found by importing potential talent pools in various countries, to developing the candidate attraction strategy, to assisting with thetalent from outside. entire relocation process from immigration to logistics.
  11. 11. Client Services National WorkforceLocal approachWhere government owned entities These regulations can impact the entire supply chain so it is it vital to adopt a strategy to hire local workers.implement local quota rules on EarthStream works in partnership with clients toenergy & resources manpower, it is develop national recruitment and repatriation strategiesessential to adopt a multi-dimensional in countries where local national quota needs are essential to operate effectively with total compliance.approach to hiring workers that meetthose national labour guidelines.
  12. 12. Client Services Managed WorkforceSteamlined deliveryEarthStream can provide on-site Our on-site recruitment managers can undertake a variety of activities, from recruitment process management, to resource planning, torecruitment support services managing additional vendors, to mobilisation & on-boarding, through toto supplement the delivery and logistical of project teams If required we can implement human resources procedures and streamlined recruitment processes to support the efficient attractionacross the world including and retention of both full-time staff and contract workforce.challenging locations.
  13. 13. Client Services Retained SearchFinely tunedEarthStream specialises in full-cycle We invest time in understanding the specific role, deliverables, corporate structure, global footprint,retained search, for senior or strategic business objectives, long-term vision, product &hires, by adopting a fine-tuned search & service offering, as well the internal dynamics and culture of the business we are representing, toselection process that maps out a target promote a positive employer brand image in theuniverse and undertakes a discreet but competitive natural resources sector.comprehensive selection process.
  14. 14. Client Services Project RecruitmentA greater spanEarthStream works in partnership We have the resources, infrastructure and technology to deliver significant volume, in optimum time frames, acrosswith clients to design solutions for all levels of staff from white collar to blue collar.specific projects that require multiple We design these programs with both cost andor bulk hire programs that need to organisational efficiency at the forefront of the plan and work in tandem with our clients to meet project sourced from both a local andglobal talent pool.
  15. 15. Client Services Mobilisation Support ServicesMoving freelyEarthStream provides a comprehensive We provide a range of mobilisation support services that can help with immigration, employment visas,support service to help relocate both accommodation, transport, insurance, compliance,the full-time and contract staff we tax planning and payroll, payment & administration.provide. We understand the importance to our clients that each stage of our service delivery is fully supported and the seamless relocation of staff in a compliant fashion is critical to ensuring workers are successfully engaged and retained.
  16. 16. Thank youPlease contact your local representative for further information on how EarthStream can work with you.