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Jumpstart Overview Guide


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Overview on Digital Chameleon's elearnign suit e

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Jumpstart Overview Guide

  1. 1. JumpStart Social Media Overview Finally, a FUN way to learn serious social media skills Learning shouldn’t be boring. Social media is quickly emerging The JumpStart as a major marketing challenge Approach and opportunity. There’s a lot to 1.) Five modules covering get your arms around! It might be the essentials of social media (Overview, Strategy, overwhelming, if it weren’t for the Platforms, Campaign Plan- JumpStart Social Media Course. ning and Measurement) We boil down the basics, ask the 2.) Interactive exercises experts and look at real world ex- and games that make amples of how you can start put- learning FUN! ting social media to work. Our aim 3.) Emphasis on HOW TO, is to help you learn skills, tech- not theory niques, processes and tips you 4.) Designed for working can use to start your social media Monty Python’s use of free content had a huge marketing & media profes- program immediately. impact on sales of their DVDs! sionals And we do something else— we make it fun. That’s because we don’t talk at you— we work with Reasons To Enrol you by providing lots of interactive exercises that show you many key • You’ll gain confidence in aspects of social media marketing. discussing, preparing, and evaluating social media options and recommenda- tions Straight from the experts... • You’ll be better equipped to approach integrated marketing programs Involving social media • You’ll be more confident discussing social media options without having a “social media guru” in the room • You’ll be skilled in a fast growing marketing sector The JumpStart Social Media course was designed by practitioners who • You’ll be part of our own implement social media programs online learning community every day. In the course modules, • And you can do it all in we introduce you to experts and get your own time, at your own the kind of insight that can only computer! come from successful social media strategists and thought leaders.© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or or visit
  2. 2. OverviewFinally, a FUN wayto learn serioussocial media skills Real world examples JumpStart focuses on actual application of social media theory, with many examples of case studies, creative, plat- forms, reports and more. We look at the stats behind the campaigns and provide best practice you can use in your own challenges. You’re never alone! As part of the JumpStart course, you’ll There are connectors throughout the courses be invited to join our Ning elearning which lead back to the learning community, community, where you can share providing you with real time opportunities to perspectives with other learners, con- share and encounter other perspectives on the nect with instructors and participate in learning. the social media learning community.Page 2© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or or visit
  3. 3. Beyond basics Overview Finally, a FUN way to learn serious social media skills JumpStart modules assume you need more than a surface glance. We dig so you can look as deeply into an area of social media that interests you as you like. You get to pick and choose the areas you want to learn more about, whether it is learning how to measureEvery JumpStart Twitter data, explore a new social platform,module also in- read a campaign report or get more info on acludes: key measurement tool. You pick the learning path you wish to take, not us!Resource Bank-Includes links to keysites, and attachedrelevant documents Play games!such as research re-ports, analysis piecesand more that can beprinted out.Glossary- JumpStart modules use live social mediaScores of useful defi- games to help younitions that make put your new skillssense of terms and into practice. Theyacronyms commonly give you real worldused in social media scenarios where you can flex your new skills to help solve a problem. And every participant who solves the problem is entered to win a prize! From corporate desk to kitchen table Subscribe JumpStart is written for anyone who has a good today or working understanding of marketing and who wants to expand their skill set into social media. contact us You won’t need access to a dashboard of ex- for more pensive social media tools or a corporate back- ground in brand management. Our content is information! practical and designed to let you start accom- plishing your objectives immediately. Many of the tools we use are free and the lessons deliv- ered are common sense. Page 3© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or or visit
  4. 4. Term Definition Overview Blogosphere Meaning all blogs, it is an expression used to describe the world of blogs. way Finally, a FUN to learn serious social media skills Conversation Communication between multiple people in conversational media, including blogs, forums, discussion boards, social networks, etc. Engagement The level of involvement, interaction, intimacy and/or influence a consumer has for or with a brand or social platform over time. Influence The ability of individual to create buzz Listener/Listening Model approach for social media consumption (as opposed to a talker) Permission based marketing Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, per- sonal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. Reach Reach represents the degree of marketing penetration within a given target audi- ence. That degree of penetration (expressed either as a number of individuals or as a percentage of individuals) is equal to the degree of exposure the target au- dience has had to an intended marketing message. ROI Return On Investment Sentiment Overall tone, polarity to product/issue/brand/feature Share of Voice A "share of voice" is a brands or group of brands advertising weight or buzz ex- pressed as a percentage of a defined total market or market segment in a given time period. The weight is usually defined in terms of expenditure, ratings, pag- es, poster sites, buzz etc. SMM SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. As its name suggest, SMM involves using social media for marketing purposes. SMM is tightly connected to activity in websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia and YouTube. The creation of corporate blogs and promotional blogs also falls under the cate- gory. Social Measurement The tools and benchmarks required to determine success in the various forms of social media marketing. Social Network A online community of people (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) who share inter- ests and/or activities, with the purpose of connecting with one another and/or exploring the interests and activities of others. Word of mouth marketing Word-of-mouth marketing, which encompasses a variety of subcategories, in- cluding buzz, blog, viral, grassroots, brand advocates, cause influencers and social media marketing, as well as ambassador programs, work with consumer- generated media and more, can be highly valued by product, social media and performance marketers. Page 4© Digital Chameleon +61 2 9997 4417 or or visit