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Digital Chameleon’s5 Step ProcessTo Digital KnowledgeTransformation                                                       ...
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Digital Chameleon's 5 Step Process


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Our 5 step process incorporates blended learning (e-learning and face-to-face), that puts theory into application through work-shopping real business challenges. In addition, our continuous measurement of learner engagement guarantees an ROI on your training budgets!

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Digital Chameleon's 5 Step Process

  1. 1. Digital Chameleon’s5 Step ProcessTo Digital KnowledgeTransformation Evaluation Workshop Post-initiative evaluation to Face to face measure E-learning sessions focusing improvement in on real word confidence and Enrol staff in objectives specific skills levels relevant e-learning to the business module content Determines ROI of Applies e-learning program, in conjunction with Assessment Match brief with theory and skills gap principles to engagement identified “on the levels with e- Assessing the learning and face- Modules provide job” challenges confidence and to-face workshops The Brief skill levels of your foundational theory Focuses on organisation in Opportunity for What are your Track engagement problem-solving, order to determine organizational real world levels through group interaction tempo and pitch recognition for challenges? weekly Progress and engagement of the curricula participation in What is your Reports with “dream date” guest speakers initiative desired outcome? How will new skills Assess engagement and knowledge through online deliver an ROI? testing