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Accelerate Brand Publishing Content Creation Guide 2012


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Digital Chameleon's Accelerate Brand Publishing course on content marketing

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Accelerate Brand Publishing Content Creation Guide 2012

  1. 1. Accelerate Brand Publishing Module Content Creation Effective Tools & Techniques Consumers as Super Creators Learning How consumers consume content Objectives has changed – a huge amount of content is now on-demand via web- Understand how to com- site, video, search, mobile apps, mission or create the con- social media, traditional media and tent that engages your brands. That content is also being customers shared by consumers between them- selves – just for fun, to spread infor- Access to content creation tools and techniques that mation or because they are seeking publishers have been using peer validation – a customer writing for years – and why they a review on a restaurant. And they work! are forming communities around their interests, and creating yet more Get an understanding of content– the challenge for brands is visual and multimedia con- for their content to be valued, trusted tent and how to deliver it and perceived to be as useful as peer-to-peer online communication. Google, Facebook, on mobile As user, brand and social media apps, emails and so on. generated content has grown, cus- tomers have been exposed to an Amid all of this ‘noise’ and chang- increasing amount of passive con- es in consumer content and be- sumption of content – ads via haviour only engaging content will Key Take Aways get traction. Marketers can learn from how publishing works, and how journalists think Brand Journalism: Pursuing the Story Content marketing means putting the reader before Before you can start deciding your brand so you can build long term, meaningful rela- what content you need to tionships create, let’s step back and make sure you are focused When it comes to content on a little change of thinking. focus on quality over quantity Content, as we have said, is about the READER/ Content can be words, vid- AUDIENCE/CUSTOMER, eo, graphics, even Powerpoint presentations not about the brand. If you understand structure, Learning to THINK more like you can commission and a journalist when you are outsource confidently dealing with content will help you produce more engaging Seek and find the narrative, and quality content for your then never let go of it! reader. Don’t think of content crea- tion as a chore– think of it as Journalists think this way, to an amazing story telling make sure they are putting opportunity. the reader first and can grab their attention quickly.© Digital Chameleon or visit
  2. 2. Content CreationEffective Tools &Techniques Building Blogger Relationships Reaching out to bloggers can quickly build out your brand’s digital footprint. When Huggies ran a piece of research that showed 1 in 3 American mothers struggled to keep their children in dia- pers, the company wanted to promote its ‘Every little Bottom’ campaign about giving away 20 million nappies to poor- er families over three months via ‘diaper banks’. be ambassadors for the campaign. All of the blog- gers were clear about being paid, but also generat- To do it, they found eight influential ed activity around the campaign in addition to blog- mommie bloggers and asked them to ging. What’s search got to do with it? When you produce or are reviewing a piece of content you have commis- sioned ask your- self these ques- tions – Is it transparent? Is it a good angle? Is it accurate? Is the story told well? While a lot of SEO is done by IT worth reminding ourselves who and web experts in the back- these three readers are and what ground or code, of your site, you they like. Will your audience can have an effect on on-page easily digest and SEO with a few simple tricks but, once again, be mindful of who you understand the in- are writing for. formation? When it comes to online, it is good to remember that you don’t just Would you read it have the customer you are target- yourself? ing with your site i.e. Your online reader. With search engines in- creasingly indexing social net- working pages, you also have your ‘social reader’ and, to compli- cate matters a little more, your hidden reader – the spider. While it is hard to please all of the peo- ple, or spiders, all of the time, it’sPage 2© Digital Chameleon or visit
  3. 3. Content Creation What are you selling? Effective Tools & Techniques Remember, there is a big difference between selling content, and selling an offer. While this Grays Online subject line is appropri- ate for their business, it is a straight sales pitch and offer. However the Real Age newsletter and subject line provides editorialised content around health for readers who have already expressed an interest in the subject. Consequently, the headlines in the newsletter itself all offer benefits to the reader...curb over- eating...lower cholesterol...burn more calories. Editorial Oversight Whether you are working with internal or external content devel- opers, you’ll want to put an overall structure of editorial guide- lines in place to ensure the final content fits all the needs of your brief. In traditional publishing, this is what an editor is responsible for— not the actual creation of the content, but making sure it fits in with the brand’s goals, positioning and schedules. Reel Engaging Content Every brand publisher can and should consider multimedia content delivery. There are challenges but the opportunity to capture high engagement through audio and video brand content makes multimedia content generation a tempting option. Visual Storytelling To hear from gurus like Tom Peters, selling the brand story will overshadow all other aspects of traditional marketing. It will make brand publishing the central core function of all brand marketers. Don’t ignore the legal implications of re-using content that is not your own! Page 3© Digital Chameleon or visit
  4. 4. Term Definition Content Creation Black Hat SEO optimising a website or piece of content with tactics frowned upon by search& Effective Tools en- Techniques gines such as ‘stuffing’ content with keyword or duplicating content Creative commons method of expanding the range content available for others to build upon legally and to share via the web Digital storytelling use of new digital tools and platforms to tell stories e.g. video, graphics, text, im- ages, music, audio Headline or H1 the headline on a single piece of content, it is usually the title tag but can be modified Inverted triangle a visual device used in news writing by journalists to give news stories a way to structure information Keywords density the number of times your keyword/s appear on a single piece of content or web page Long tail keywords like keywords but can contain up to five words; they are used when the website wants to refine search terms to the web page Meme a concept that is spread by the internet, it can be a hyperlink, video, picture, website, hashtag, or just a word or phrase Open rates the percentage of recipients who actually open an e-mail newsletter Subject line the line in an email which explains what the content of the email contains. It is especially important for e-newsletter campaigns to attract attention and increase open rates Title Tag the title of a single web page, it must accurately convey the content of the page as it appears in browsers, social media and is usually used as the headline, or H1 Web spider also known as a bot, robot or crawler, spiders are programs used by searching engines such as Google and Yahoo! to automatically search the web and down- load HTML content so sites can be indexed for search Webinar short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web Page 4© Digital Chameleon or visit