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  • Writer and speaker on social media Wrote Twitterville, which details the uses of Twitter Was the host of Global Neighbourhoods with Shel Israel; online video blog series Co-authored Naked Conversations, How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers. Resides in Silicon Valley,Cailifornia
  • You will find that Twitter is a very good social network when it comes to looking for future employees or employers. There are many people on Twitter but with research you will find the best resources for you. Twitter is the most rapidly used communication tool. It is dominated by professionals, not students.
  • This book tells that Twitter is important in getting to know the social media word and also getting to know what positive things that there are for you in the world. Social Media is very important in today's world since almost everyone is connected through the social networks now. Some of the world’s largest companies use Twitter to look for future investments and use it to network as well. The book explains why Twitter is important, why people are really interested in what you “tweet” about and also the downside of the freedom of “tweeting”. Be careful of what you tweet. Many are not aware that what you tweet can hurt you. Future employers can have access to your twitter statuses so be careful with what you tweet.
  • Twitterville can be looked at as being a “golden moment” ; which means that Twitter is a good way to market yourself and also to market products. Twitter is known for people to hold conversations rather than just a one person conversation. Twitter is meant to have interaction between people. For an example, during my research on the book , I found that H&R block uses Twitter to get people interested in tax-related conversations. This is why Twitter is the “the golden ticket”. It allows people to have that moment where they are at ease and interested in what's going on.
  • I learned that social media is the way to network with people, future employers, and future employees. These are ways that employers make are that they have the correct person for the job. Also, employees can see if this job is the right job for them depending on the things that the future job “tweets “ about, their selection of friends on Twitter and many other factors. I learned that companies use Twitter to engage their audiences into their products and services. Most of all I learned that Twitter one of the most popular social networks and that it is one of the most professional as well. I also learned how many business used Twitter to make their businesses a success.
  • The things that surprised me the most was my outside research. Also, I would say that how much I learned from this book surprised me . I went into reading the book with a mind frame of that I would know majority of what the book was talking about. The book went into depth about Twitter and I learned many things that I thought to be true were not true. I will say that the stories that the small and large business have told on the way that they succeeded on Twitter was very surprising to me because I did not think that Twitter was that much of a “hit” for business owners. I always have thought of Twitter as a social network for mostly students.
  • The things that I want to learn more about is the personal stories of companies that use Twitter and how they use Twitter. I know that the book is full of stories about small and large businesses and their success with Twitter but I want to know about more businesses. I want to know the main determining factor of employers when they look at a person’s Twitter whether they are correct for the job or not. I also want to know from future employees what they look at when deciding if a job is right for him or her. The book has touched on many of my questions that I had before reading the book and now has answered most of them. The book really summed up many of my questions that I had about Twitter initially so I feel that I really don’t have much to want to learn more about.
  • I would recommend this book to anyone that was interested in social media because this book teaches you the “in’s” and “out’s” of social media. It teaches you the good and the bad as well. The main reason why I would recommend this book to people is because social media is taking over the world and if people are not aware of what is going on in social media ; they will be lost. I just became aware of how social media works and how important it is to people and I'm happy that I became aware of these things. This book can be a book that teaches someone that is new to Twitter ; how to use it correctly and that is very important when you are talking about social media. If Twitter is used incorrectly it can hurt the person because after all anyone can have access to your tweets and your information on Twitter. Great Book! I would definitely recommend this book for new business owners and potential business owners because this might be the key to their success in their business.
  • Twitterville

    1. 1. Twitterville By:Shel Israel Powerpoint Presentation created by : Sheila Cost
    2. 2. Who is Shel Israel?
    3. 3. The Big Idea
    4. 4. Why is this book important?
    5. 5. “The Golden Ticket”
    6. 6. What did I Learn?
    7. 7. Surprise!
    8. 8. What can I learn more about?
    9. 9. To read or Not to read?
    10. 10. Sheila Cost Blog: Email: [email_address]