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The.Little.Ones.05 10 07


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The.Little.Ones.05 10 07

  1. 1. By Randy Henderson Show edited by Cindy [email_address] To The Little Ones That Make A Big Difference In our lives !
  2. 2. Do you remember the little things that used to fascinate you?
  3. 3. That brought you hours of playful enjoyment.
  4. 4. And not wanting to hear what you don’t like.
  5. 5. And after a hard days work
  6. 6. Relax in your favorite place
  7. 7. Have a special friend to go bird watching with.
  8. 8. When there is a Will; There is a Way.
  9. 9. Be willing to share even if it just doesn’t feel quite right.
  10. 10. It’s OK to be a little aggressive at times.
  11. 11. But know when to relax.
  12. 12. And let someone else carry the burden.
  13. 13. But keep on smiling and others will always wonder what you’re thinking
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