Animal Tracks 06 06 08


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Animal Tracks 06 06 08

  1. 2. A peacock walks in Lazienki park in Warsaw. Poland.
  2. 3. Hungarian Puli sheepdog, Fee, jumps over a hurdle during a preview for a pedigree dog show in Dortmund, Germany.
  3. 4. A great blue heron makes a meal out of a bass at Temple Lake Park in Temple, Texas.
  4. 5. An Indian white tiger rests in a pond to beat the afternoon heat at the National Zoological Park in New Delhi.
  5. 6. A male siamang inflates his throat sac to amplify his call as a way of warding off predators at the Mogo Zoo in New South Wales, Australia.
  6. 7. A kitten peeks out from under a cycad plant in the fern room at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago.
  7. 8. A bear rides a horse at the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Park in Guilin, China.
  8. 9. A baby serval peers out from a hollow log at the Mogo Zoo in New South Wales, Australia.
  9. 10. A young burrowing owl pokes its head out of a hole in a park in Pembroke Pines, Fla.
  10. 11. Kids recoil as piglets try to lick them at an agriculture event in Edmonton, Canada.
  11. 12. A 5-year-old eagle who was found injured in an East Lake, Fla., neighborhood and nursed back to health at the Audubon of Florida Center for Birds of Prey is released back into the wild.
  12. 13. A giraffe strolls around at the Attica Zoological Park, east of Athens, Greece.
  13. 14. A budding artist paints a canvas at the Maesa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  14. 15. Pere David's deer gather at a pasture at the Pere David's Deer Nature Reserve on Swan Islet in the Yangtze River in Shishou, China.
  15. 16. This female animal at the Chuntai Zoo in Yichun, China has stumped even zoological experts -- no one is sure what species she is.
  16. 17. An albino kangaroo named Milka clings to his mother at a zoo in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
  17. 18. Six cloned sniffer dogs -- the world's first -- chase a ball as they report to a special training center in Incheon, South Korea. The dogs are all named Toppy (short for tomorrow's puppy). Sniffer dogs have a sense of smell that is about 2,000 times more sensitive than that of humans.
  18. 19. The polar bear Uslada catches a carp in her enclosure in the St. Petersburg Zoo.
  19. 20. A 6-year-old male river otter named Darrah, left, and a 5-year-old female river otter, Chelsea, sun themselves after a swim at Stone Zoo, in Stoneham, Mass.
  20. 21. Radieschen, a red Mangalitza piglet, strolls around the living room of a farmhouse in the small Austrian village of Scheffau.
  21. 22. A snake bites the hand of a snake charmer at Lohagara village, India. (The snake charmer says the venom has been removed from the snake.)
  22. 23. Siberian tiger cubs sit in a wooden bowl at a private zoo in Yalta, Ukraine.
  23. 24. A pangolin is released in the reserve forest inside the Guwahati Zoo in northeast India.
  24. 25. Raipur, a baby gray langur, lays in the arms of his mother at the Berlin Zoo.
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