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Innovating with Open Data - Avi Bender


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CTO, Census Bureau

Published in: Technology
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Innovating with Open Data - Avi Bender

  1. 1. Avi Bender Chief Technology Officer US Census Bureau
  3. 3. Open Data is a Renewable National Resource in Every City and Community Sensor data Census ACS Data EPA NOAA Weathe r Census Economic Data USDA DOE Electric Utility Data HEALTH SAFETY JOBS ENERGY TRANSPORTATION HOUSING ENVIRONMENT HUD Source: 3D image view Google Images
  4. 4. Closed Data Sensor Data / IoT Open Data New Business Models are Created at the Intersection Of Data Networks and Social Networks Provides real-time actionable information Provides contextual data Secured data – provides specificity Innovation occurs @ the intersection
  5. 5. An Open Data Ecosystem is Emerging that is Fueling Innovation The #hackhousing hackathon was sponsored by Zillow in partnership with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as well as the Census Bureau. 400 RegisteredAttendees Fromavarietyofbackgroundsincluding: • Government • Commercial/private-sector • Academia • Entrepreneurs 44 ProjectTeams
  6. 6. Open Data is Core to the Mission and Strategy of the Department of Commerce
  7. 7. The U.S. Census Bureau is the Leading Source of Open Data About our Nation’s People, Places and Economy
  8. 8. A Customer Focused Data Perspective • Engagement model • Timely, accurate, clean, authoritative data • Context for a “conversation” • Clarity: What problem are we trying to solve • Both public service and business motivation among the public and industry Simply releasing open data is not enough For Data to Have an Impact, you need:
  9. 9. ● Enhance usability and access to Census data through public APIs ● Streamline how open data is used to build apps for cities through open-source tools ● Support rural communities through USDA integration ● Foster an ecosystem to improve interoperability across data silos at federal and local level ● What’s included: javascript library, technical guides, and github repository. CitySDK : Extending the Bureau API to a Platform that Promotes Engagement Among Ecosystem Data Producers and Consumers
  10. 10. What Makes the City SDK a “Platform” for both Internal and External Innovation? Provides real-time actionable information Provides contextual data SENSOR DATA OPEN DATA POPULATION ECONOMY WEATHER TRANSPORTATION ENERGY SAFETY Smart Cities Services Platform (ecosystem) enables interaction among data consumers and Producers Cities Provide The Context for Value Creation
  11. 11. Feedback from Data Dissemination Specialists National Day of Civic Hacking June 2015 This Year Compared to Previous Ryan Dolan, Minneapolis “It doesn’t even compare to the other hackathons I’ve worked at. Before I was begging people to use the data, this time had a line of people to talk to me. The democratization of data is going to create a wow factor that has the biggest impact through the API.” Scaling Outreach in Developer Community Gerson Vasquez, Atlanta “We now have lot of momentum, but we’d like to build on it. Why not use the same tools the software developers are using (slack, github, hackpad, etc.) to reach them virtually — i.e. people in Miami need to know that our group exists.” Internal Team Development Opportunities Alexandra Barker, Boston “Consider adding concrete measures to our outreach goals and develop internal training for our team. We don’t currently have training for this audience of our users. ”
  12. 12. Case Study: Purshable • 1st Place Finish - Web app to help grocery stores get fruits and vegetables into the hands of high- need populations. • Used Census Geocoder API and CitySDK and demoed to US Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil • Online business built in a weekend!
  13. 13. Case Study: Housing Accessibility
  14. 14. Open Data Also Enables Internal Innovation • Understand and improve your data management process (OMB 13-13) and supply chain • Help customers Find and Connect data sets • Create an API Lifecycle Management Process How? Think and act as a big data product company and address internal and external customer needs
  15. 15. Accelerating Time to Value COLLECT PROCESS DISSEMINATE INTERNAL INNOVATION OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS EXTERNAL PUBLIC INNOVATION PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Enable the market to drive external innovation -with your open data- and let that customer engagement drive internal operational efficiencies and effectiveness Government as a Big Data Platform
  16. 16. Digital Strategy: A Framework to Re-imagine Census Operations DigitalStrategy Constructs • The Digital Strategy provides a framework to effectively re- imagine Census business • Providing access to government data in consumer-friendly ways to suit changing customer demands driven by technological innovation • Through the Digital Transformation Strategy, the Census Bureau is addressing consumer-centric dissemination of data High-level Business Operations of the Census Bureau Consumer-Centric Services Information-Centric Organization Shared Technology Platform Collect Data Analyze Data Disseminate Data Digital Strategy: Guiding Principles for Business Transformation Applied to the Census Bureau
  17. 17. Open data is a catalyst for internal and external innovation