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Room 1408

  1. 1. We were told the name of the movie at the end of the trailer.• It makes you want to watch all the way to the end to find out. • Being at the end it’s the most memorable thing you have seen. • It doesn’t give anything away too early.
  2. 2. Why will we be told who is starring in the film? How will this information be given to us? • Names of the famous actors featured were mentioned ¾ of the way through and at the end to reinforce their importance in the film. • Was given to us in the form of a voice over and text at the end of the trailer, as well as showing us their faces on screen• The voice over tells us that the film was based on a short story by Stephen King, a well known horror writer.
  3. 3. What type of events or action from the film will we see?• You can tell by the fast paced trailer that the film is going to be action based and intense. • You get examples of hauntings that occur as they show the most dramatic and exciting clips from the film to get a good sense of enigma.
  4. 4. What clues will the music give us as to what type of film the trailer is advertising?• The music starts off with a continuous piano to fit with the longer shots then as the editing becomes more fast paced the music changes to a more dramatic and engaging soundtrack.• Single drum beat when there is a cut in the trailer.• It uses a fast tempo from the middle to the end of the trailer as a way to make the audience aware that the film will be a fast pace and gripping film.
  5. 5. If present what type of voice would be delivering the voice over?• A wise sounding deep voiced man, used in manytrailers that deal with the paranormal. He sounds like a god, as if he sees everything and he knows all that is and will happen.
  6. 6. How will the general speed and editing pace of what we seecompare to watching a clip from a film? Why is this? Will the editing pace alter through the trailer, or stay the same? • The speed and editing pace contrasts to if we were watching the film because in the trailer it uses the most exciting shots and fast editing to grip the audiences attention and make them want to watch it.• The editing pace alters throughout the trailer starting off moderately slow and then getting quicker towards the end as more action is happening to create a climax and cliff hanger so that the audience doesn’t know what happens and leaves them wanting to watch more.
  7. 7. What information will we be given in the very last frame of the trailer?• The final frame we see tells us the productioninformation for the film(Director, producer, actors etc.) as well as the date of release of the film.
  8. 8. Why do you think we don’t usually see the classification for afilm as part of the trailer? In what instances would you see the classification of a film at the beginning of the cinema trailer? • We don’t usually see the classification for a film when we are watching the trailer because often it hasn’t been decided yet. • Instances where the certificates would be shown at the start of a cinema trailer is if it’s certificate is 18 years of age, that is likely to shock a audience and so by showing it at the start of the trailer it lets them know what to expect in the trailer.
  9. 9. What is the logo that is shown? And why? • The logos that get shown are of the production companies that helped to create the final product!These are shown because some people might favourthose companies and also to promote their business.