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Jisc e books consortia project


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SCONUL Conference 20-21 June 2013, Dublin
SCONUL Fringe session - Jisc Collection's Consortia: E-books project, with Lorraine Estelle, Chief Executive Officer, Jisc Collections.

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Jisc e books consortia project

  1. 1. JISC e-books consortia projectSCONUL annual conference and AGM 2013Friday, June21, 2013
  2. 2. 2» To explore if there is an effective way to purchase e-books on a title-by-title basis for collaborative group of academic libraries:› Would all books have sufficient use to provide value for all themembers?› How could such a collaboration be equitably funded?› How much would the publishers charge for consortia purchase – andwould they think they were getting a good deal (gaining revenuethrough more sales by providing a consortia discount)?› How could such a scheme be managed?The purpose of the project
  3. 3. 3 14-15 May 2013Jisc board away dayMax Planck Institutes» Each Max Planck Institute can order single e-book titlesaccording to its needs» Pricing for the ordering institute is at factor 1 -- that means atthe regular list price for that institute» Provider invoices the ordering institute» Access to purchased e-books is activated for the whole MaxPlanck Society: not only for the ordering institute but for all 80institutes at no additional costPrevious e-books consortia projects
  4. 4. 4 14-15 May 2013Jisc board away day» Consorci de Biblioteques Universitàries de Catalunya (CBUC)» “In 2009We decided to create our own e-books big deal”:The basic idea:– Choose 1– Pay 1 (and CBUC will additionally pay 2)– Get 9» Total expenditure 130.000: € 50.000€ from members + 80.000€fromCBUC funds» Average price per title and member = 12€ (standard price can be50/60€)Previous e-books consortia projects
  5. 5. 5 14-15 May 2013Jisc board away day» While the Max Plank and CBUC have trialed the model noanalysis was done of usage, cost per usage and value» Thus no evidence that sharing is a good idea!Calculating the value
  6. 6. 6 14-15 May 2013Jisc board away day» E-books in the area of engineering» 5 libraries: Cranfield University, Loughborough University,Brunel University, University of Southampton,University of Newcastle» 7 publishers: Artech House Inc, Cambridge University Press, JohnWiley & Sons Inc ,Taylor & Francis Ltd, JohnWiley & Sons Inc,Institution of Engineering &Technology,World Scientific» 1 e-book aggregator: DawsonOur project
  7. 7. 7 14-15 May 2013Jisc board away day» For the JISC Collections Consortia e-book Pilot eachParticipating Publisher has agreed to a Multiplier for consortiapricing.› This means that the Selecting Institution will pay the Standard Fee andJISCCollections will pay the Multiplier Fees› For example if the agreed Multiplier is 2, the Selecting Institution will paythe Standard Fee and JISC Collections will pay the Multiplier Feeequivalent to 1x Standard Fee› If the agreed multiplier is 3, the Selecting Institution will pay the StandardFee and JISCCollections will pay the 2 x Standard FeeThe Multiplier Fee
  8. 8. 8 14-15 May 2013Jisc board away day» Results at the end for Selecting Institutions» 118 e-books bought» 49 e-books not used» 2608 acts of use» £11680 total list price of e-books bought» £4.47 cost per useHow it is looking so far
  9. 9. 9 14-15 May 2013Jisc board away day» Results at the end for Non- Selecting Institutions» 18 e-books not used» 2086 e-book uses» 222 maximum uses of one e-book£16,753 total list price of e-booksusedHow it is looking so far
  10. 10. 10 14-15 May 2013Jisc board away day» £23,619 total cost of e-books with the multiplier» £83,765 total cost of e-books if bought separately at list price» More analysis to follow …we will publish the full results inthe autumn… watch this space!The bottom line