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EE crawford emmanuel m.b.c. redlands ca


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FMBC Redlands CA. - EE Crawford Pastor Church Perpetuity

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EE crawford emmanuel m.b.c. redlands ca

  1. 1. A SHORT HISTORY OF THE EHPIANUEL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA By E E Crawlord I was baptized by the Liberty riissionary Baptist Church of Shawnee, Oklahoma in November I926 The pastor of the church at that time was Bro. A. W Goodnight My mother and lather, Eld. G. W. Crawford, were charter members oi this church My mother was baptized by the late Dr B H Carrol, who was pastor of the Dyer Tennessee Missionary Baptist Church, which was organized by Dr J W Jetter who come there irorn the Philadelphia Association from Hillcliii Church, Wales, England The Hilicliii Church was organized by Aaron Arlington In 937 AD. (I) Aaron Arlington was ordained by the Piedmont Church in 940 A. D. (2) The Lima Piedmont Church was organized by Balcolar, BI2 AD. (3) Balcolor came irom the curch at Timto, Asia Minor (4) Timto Church was organized by Archer Flavin 738 A D. (5) Archer I-‘iavin came from Dorethea Church. organized by Adromicus 67l A D in Asia riinor (6) Adromicus came irom Pointiiossi at the loot oi the Alps In France (7) Polntilossi Church was organized by Taliestman irom Turan, Italy in 398. (6) Turbo Church was organized by Tertuilan from Bing Joy, Africa in 237 A D. (9) Tertuilan was a member oi the Partus Church at the loot oi the Tiber that was organized isv1i"oi-Jczsrp In 150 A 0 itiynni: (I0) Poiycarn was baptized by John the Beloved Disciple on the ‘Ziith bl December 9:‘: As‘). i. Ii J-. «nn was with Jesus on the nt. (12) He was baptized by John : .he Baptist in the Jordan: River. It's no wonder that Alexander Campbell would say that, in the yer. ’ I00 all Christians were then Baptists E. L. Thurmnnd, Missionary, was baptized by Fillmore Church In Dklahon. -; where my father was pastor Alex Hunsien, History or Israel or the Alps, Pg. 39 Jones Church History, Pg 324 Neanders Church History, Vol. 2, Pg. 320 Neanders History Vol 2, Pg. 520 liosheim History, Vol I, Pg 394 Lamberts History, Pg. 47 Lamberts Chuch History, Pg. 47 Nowians History, Vol 2, Pg 3lB I Armitage Church History, Pg. I82 10 Commentary oi Antiquity, Pg 924 I I. Meander: Church History, Pg 285 '2 "”1’Y~ I7, / '*1flA‘K2zz/ tffiy '°. °’. “.°‘. ‘-".3.°"‘-". ‘ / /I