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How to Create a Facebook Page


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Hand out with step by step instructions for creating a Facebook page, prepared for the Rotay in WA Facebook Seminar on 12 Feb 2012.

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How to Create a Facebook Page

  1. 1. How to create a Facebook pageYou must have your own Facebook account (personal profile) to be able tocreate a page. Do not create a personal profile for your club! 1. Go to 2. Click on “Cause or Community” 3. Choose a name for your page (Rotary Club of …), agree to the terms, and click the “Get Started” button. 4. Step through the wizard to continue setting up your page. * Find / prepare a good image to use for your picture. It should include the Rotary emblem. Your club logo / bannerette / pull up banner image may be good choices – try to keep a consistent brand. It is ideal if it includes Perth / Western Australia, or even just the district number, to distinguish between multiple clubs with the same name. The maximum dimensions for the picture are 180px wide by 540px high. Consider how the thumbnail appears. 5. Go to to set a short web address for your page, e.g. or 6. Add other admins – they must have Facebook accounts and be friends with you before you can add them as admins. - Click on the “Edit Page” button - Click on the “Manage Admins” link - Type in their name and save changes