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Facebook Privacy


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The handout on Facebook Privacy prepared for the Rotary in WA Facebook seminar held on 12 February 2012.

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Facebook Privacy

  1. 1. PrivacyIf you are concerned about data becoming public, dont publishit electronically, even “privately” – this includes emails.Consider the implications of “Friending”, “Liking” or “Subscribing” topeople or pages. What does it say about you? Such links are usuallypublicly viewable.Facebook privacy  What you see on Facebook is not necessarily what other people see! ◦ Anything you post on a Page or Open Group is publicly viewable ◦ Anything you post in a Closed or Secret group is only viewable in that group ◦ You can select who can see each individual post that you make on your profile ◦ Use the “View As” option on your profile to see what information is publicly available, or visible to certain people  Make use of “Friend Lists” to easily control who can see your information and posts: ◦ Some “Smart Lists” are automatically created based on information entered in your profile – you can customise them and adjust who appears in them ◦ You can create any other lists that you like (eg “Rotarians”) ◦ You can decide whether to allow people to “Subscribe” to your posts ▪ You can use Friend Lists to adjust what posts (if any) you see from each of your friend categories, or adjust subscription settings on a person by person basis  Review your Privacy settings at least every 3 months ◦ Make sure you turn OFF the settings that enable your friends to unwittingly pass your data on to 3rd party applications or websites they may use: ▪ Click on the down arrow next to the “Home” link in the top right corner ▪ Go to “Privacy Settings” ▪ Select “Apps and Websites” ▪ Click the “Edit Settings” button for “How people bring your info to apps they use” and uncheck all boxes. ◦ Clean out old applications and review their access settings ▪ Always check what data an app wants to access about you when you add it. If its an unreasonable invasion of your privacy, dont add it!The Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship publishes information about changes to Facebook,including new Privacy settings, on its Facebook page at as soon asthey learn about them.