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Effective Social Media                     June 2011              Effective Use of Social Media   1. Developing a social m...
Effective Social Media                                                        June 20111. Developing a social media strate...
Effective Social Media                                                            June 20113. Twitter                     ...
Effective Social Media                                                     June 20114. LinkedIn                           ...
Effective Social Media                                                         June 20118. Facebook                       ...
Effective Social Media                                                       June 20119. Blogs“Web logs” = Online articles...
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Effective Use of Social Media


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Notes from a day-long training seminar which covers the effective use of social media, from developing a strategy, to looking at how to use a variety of social networking platforms, and where to get help!

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Effective Use of Social Media

  1. 1. Effective Social Media June 2011 Effective Use of Social Media 1. Developing a social media strategy 2. Privacy 3. Twitter 1. Anatomy of a Tweet 2. Your Twitter Profile 3. How to Tweet 4. 3rd Party Applications 4. LinkedIn 1. Company Profiles 2. Groups 5. Flickr 6. SlideShare 7. FourSquare 8. Facebook 1. Privacy 2. Pages vs Groups 3. Facebook pages 4. Like buttons 9. Blogs 10. Bringing it all together 1. Social media aggregators 2. Google alerts 11. Support and further helpPage 1 of 6
  2. 2. Effective Social Media June 20111. Developing a social media strategyWhat are your marketing goals?What would you promote on social networks? • News • Events • Merchandise / specials • Something else?Who will you be building relationships with? • Rotarians? • Rotaractors? • Other family of Rotary? • General public?How will you build those relationships? • Which social media channels will you have official presences on? • How will you foster interaction? • Will you promote related posts / events / news from other sources? • How often will you post updates?Who is responsible for your social media? • Which staff will maintain the official accounts? Will multiple staff be involved? • Who will be monitoring what is being said about you elsewhere? ◦ How will you address negative press from others? ◦ Who will deal with any breaches of intellectual property? • Will you be using your own personal profiles for promotion as well?2. Privacy • Important to consider privacy online regardless of what site you use ◦ Do a Google search for your name – you may be surprised at what you find ◦ Using Google Alerts can be a useful way to see what is posted about you • Consider what contact details you enter • “Open” groups – be it Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, groups on LinkedIn, Facebook etc – are publicly available. Anything you post is indexed by search engines • Consider the impact if what you posted was spread beyond where it was intended. • If in doubt, dont postPage 2 of 6
  3. 3. Effective Social Media June 20113. Twitter“Microblogging” - sharing bites of information in 140 characters or less.Anatomy of a “tweet” : • Up to 140 characters of text • RT = “Retweet” - forwarding the same tweet to your own followers (referencing the original source with an @) • @ = a direct message to a twitter user • #hashtags = adding keywords to a tweet • Short URLs ◦ is a URL shortening service which enables you to bundle multiple links in one short address. This is the service used by Twitter. ◦ is a URL shortening service offered by Google. ◦ TinyURL was the first URL shortening service, and offers the ability to specify your own memorable URL rather than just being assigned random letters and numbers.Your Twitter profile: • Usernames can contain up to 15 characters • Your “Real Name” can have up to 20 characters • Can create a custom background – an image around 1600 px by 1200px with a left column of around 200px.How to Tweet: • Log into Twitter • By SMS to 019 808 9488 • Twitter for iPhone app • From Facebook pages ( can pull tweets into your Facebook profile (use the Twitter App or LinkedIn profile.Some 3rd party services: • Twitpic: • Twitvid: further information, see the Twitter Guide Book: 3 of 6
  4. 4. Effective Social Media June 20114. LinkedIn linkedin.comA networking site for Professionals.Company profiles: • Logo • Description • Specialties • Type • Year establised • Industry • Twitter account • RSS feed • Products and Services – including URL and YouTube videoGroups • Official Rotary International Group • Australian Members of Rotary International Flickr flickr.comPhoto sharing application. • Can be a good source of stock photos (check for Creative Commons licenses) • Limited options in free version • Family of Rotary group SlideShare slideshare.netShare presentations, documents and videos.7. FourSquare foursquare.comMembers “check in” to a location via their mobile phone.Businesses can offer specials to people who earn badges and points for checking into avenue.See more: 4 of 6
  5. 5. Effective Social Media June 20118. Facebook“Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.“Privacy on Facebook • Privacy settings do change every few months. New controls normally default to your data being public. • Use friend lists to have very fine-grained control over who can see what / who can interact with you • Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship provides updates about privacy on FacebookPages vs Groups • Both are constantly changing • Groups are intended for people who know each other / share a common interest to keep in touch. Groups can be Open, Closed or Secret • Pages are intended to provide an “official” profile for businesses / organisations / products / celebrities. • Which is appropriate depends on what the purpose of your Facebook presence is.Facebook “Fan” Pages • Consider the purpose of your page. ◦ Category choice impacts what fields you are offered in the Information tab • Create a new page at • What to post: ◦ News / updates – longer updates (blog posts) as “Notes” ◦ Links ◦ Events ◦ Photos • Other applications ◦ Static HTML / iFrame pages for fixed content – can be member only ◦ “Liking” other Pages ◦ Pushing your page feed out to Twitter • Moderation and administration ◦ How many admins? ◦ Posting as an individual vs in an official capacity ◦ Fostering discussions ◦ Contacting all fans ◦ Notifications of activity • Vanity URLs (25 fans required): Buttons 5 of 6
  6. 6. Effective Social Media June 20119. Blogs“Web logs” = Online articles • Require more planning, time and layout than most other social media • Regular schedule ◦ How often? Daily? Weekly? Fortnightly? Several a day? ◦ How many topics? One? Several? ◦ One author or several? • Most popular platform is Word Press ◦ to download, find extentions and support ◦ for free hosting (with limited options) • Can import your RSS feeds into Facebook, LinkedIn etc10. Bringing it all togetherSocial Media aggregators • Tweetdeck: Update Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and Foursquare • Hootsuite: Update Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Ping.fmGoogle alerts Support and further help • Help pages on each network • Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship ◦ Training resources on ◦ Regular updates and articles on ◦ “Experts” volunteer help with specific networks ◦ “Champions” volnteer general help in specific clubs, districts and zonesPage 6 of 6