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Overhead Crane Manual


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A quick guide to operate the overhead crane.

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Overhead Crane Manual

  2. 2. IMPORTANT MAINTENANCE INSPECTIONS 1. Run the overhead crane pendant up and down once a day if it’s not being used. This will ensure the proper lubrication of the machine. 2. Check the overhead crane cable while it’s going up and down to ensure proper tension. 3. If the overhead crane pendant shows any wear and tear or unusual behaviour, notify supervisor inmediately. Contact R&M Materials Handling for further assistance 4501 Gateway Boulevard Springfield, Ohio 45502 P: 937-328-5100 | 800 -955-9967 OVERHEAD CRANE MANUAL 2 page of 9
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety first Parts of the pendant controls 4 5 How to Get the crane pendant started Control the crane pendant speed Use the E-STOP button 6 7 8 Crane pendant controls graphic 9 OVERHEAD CRANE MANUAL 3 page of 9
  4. 4. SAFETY FIRST CAUTION The following protective gear must be worn at all times when operating the overhead crane: 1. Steel Toe Shoes OVERHEAD CRANE MANUAL 2. Helmet 3. Protective Eyewear 4 page of 9
  5. 5. PARTS OF THE CRANE PENDANT CONTROL R&M R & M MATERIALS HANDLING, INC Emergency STOP (E-Stop) UP Moves crane’s hook UP and DOWN DOWN SOUTH NORTH WEST EAST Moves crane’s head: SOUTH: Towards the back of the building NORTH: Towards the front of the building (Offices) Moves crane’s head: WEST: Towards the truck bay doors (Shipping area) EAST: Towards the CNC machines. ON Button OVERHEAD CRANE MANUAL 5 page of 9
  6. 6. HOW TO GET THE CRANE PENDANT STARTED R&M R & M MATERIALS HANDLING, INC UP 1. Turn clockwise the Emergency STOP button to disengage. The button should pop out (See graphic bellow). DOWN SOUTH 2. Press the ON Button to power up the pendant. NORTH WEST EAST OVERHEAD CRANE MANUAL CAUTION If the main power breaker is in the OFF position, ask your supervisor for authorization to turn it back on. 6 page of 9
  7. 7. HOW TO CONTROL THE CRANE PENDANT SPEED R&M R & M MATERIALS HANDLING, INC Seek supervisor’s assistance for this step The buttons indicated control the speed of the crane pendant and it consists of two different positions: Position 1 Position 2 UP DOWN SOUTH NORTH WEST EAST 1. Press button to the 1. Press button to first click and hold for a the second click to steady slow speed. accelerate. 2. Release button to 2. Release button back stop the crane moving. to position 1 to maintain reached speed. 3. If you repeat step #1, the speed will increase. 4. Release button to stop the crane moving. CAUTION Operate the overhead crane at only SLOW speed while it’s loaded. OVERHEAD CRANE MANUAL 7 page of 9
  8. 8. HOW TO USE THE E-STOP BUTTON R&M R & M MATERIALS HANDLING, INC 1. When the E-STOP button is depressed, the crane will stop inmediately. UP DOWN SOUTH NORTH 2. To disengage the E-STOP button, turn the button counter clockwise. 3. To resume use of the crane pendant, press the ON button. 4. The E-STOP should be engaged when the crane is not in use for extended periods of time. WEST EAST DANGER Engaging the E-STOP button while the crane pendant is loaded and moving might cause abrupt swings. Operate the crane at safe and controllable speeds to avoid incidents or injuries to others. OVERHEAD CRANE MANUAL 8 page of 9
  9. 9. CRANE PENDANT CONTROLS GRAPHIC R&M R & M MATERIALS HANDLING, INC UP DOWN SOUTH NORTH WEST Warehouse floor plan E EAST N Machine shop (CNC’s) S W Front of the building (Offices) Doosan Doosan Back of the building You are HERE OVERHEAD CRANE MANUAL Truck bay doors (shipping) 9 page of 9