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Assessment questionnaire teachers


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CUORE Project - Assessement questionnaire for teachers

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Assessment questionnaire teachers

  1. 1. Questionnaire for teachers PROGETTO COMENIUS C.U.O.R.E. (Cooperate Under the Objective of Recycling Energy) 1) What overall assessment would you give to the project which is ending? a) very good b) good c) satisfactory d) unsatisfactory 2) What are the most significant aspects that you found in the project? Rate the three most important aspects from 1 to 3 with 1 as the most important and 3 as the least. the stimulus for learning foreign languages; environmental issues; European citizenship; international contacts; the involvement of pupils; the possibility of working with new technologies. 3)How did you find the project’s activities ? a)very interesting b)interesting c) not interesting d) I don’t know 4) In what way(s) did this Project help change our school into a more environmentally friendly one? Rate the aspects with 1 as the most important. it made students aware of the importance of environmentally friendly behaviours it made school staff aware of the importance of environmentally friendly behaviours it raised awareness about the school facilities for waste separation and energy conservation. it raised awareness of good practice rules. it changed habits as concerns waste separation. it fostered a more conscious use of water. it fostered a more conscious use of energy.
  2. 2. 5) Do you think a project like this is an incentive for pupils to learn foreign languages ? a)yes b)no c) I don’t know 6) Do you think a project like this is an opportunity for teachers’ development? a)yes b)no c)I don’t know 7) IF Yes, why? Because you can learn about other countries and cultures. Because it provides incentives to assume and / or implement changes in their working style 8)How effective was the communication of the Project activities within the school community? a)effective b) fairly effective c) Not effective