Assessement questionnaire students


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CUORE Project - Assessement questionnaire for students

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Assessement questionnaire students

  1. 1. Final questionnaire on the Comenius project for pupils who participated to the project. School year 2008-2010 PROGETTO COMENIUS C.U.O.R.E. (Cooperate Under the Objective of Recycling Energy) You took part in a Comenius project entitled: C.U.O.R.E 1) Which are the participating nations? a)Spain,Portugal,Lithuania, Italy,Poland,Germany, Romania; b) Italy, Greece , England; c) France, Ireland, Spain , Portugal; 2) What is the main subject of the project? a)Environment b)School c)Family 3) How did you find the project’s activities? a) Very interesting b)interesting c)boring 4) Has your English improved ? a) yes b) no c) I don’t know 5)Are you today more aware/better informed as regards environmetal issues? a)yes b) no c) I don’t know 6) How did your involvment to the project influence the environmental bahaviour of your family? Rate the three most important aspects from 1 to 3 with 1 as the most important and 3 as the least. It changed habits as concerns waste separation It fostered a more conscious use of water It fostered a more conscious use of energy