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Folding arms while standing in salat


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Folding arms while standing in salat

  1. 1. www.scmuslim.comFolding Arms WhileStanding in Salat(All images contained in this document aredesigned in a manner that is not intendedto recreate the creation of Allah!)In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.Qiyam (to stand)
  2. 2. Immediately after reciting the first takbir, a Muslimperforming salat is permitted to engage in the qiyam position byfolding their arms with the palm of the right hand being placedover the left wrist/forearm, in an area ranging from eitherdirectly on top of the chest down to slightly below the navel.The evidence for this ruling is a hadith in the collection ofBukhari wherein Sahl bin Sad narrated: "The people were orderedto place the right hand on the left forearm in the prayer. AbuHazim said, I knew that the order was from the Prophet."
  3. 3. Furthermore, in a hadith collected by Abu Dawud, Tawusreportedly said: "The Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H.) used toplace his right hand on his left hand, then he folded themstrictly on his chest in prayer."However, another narration in the collection of Abu Dawud thatwas narrated by Abu Hurayrah reports: "(The established way offolding the hands is) to hold the hands by the hands (rightholding left) in prayer below the navel."
  4. 4. Therefore, in order to avoid engaging into petty bickering overwhich method is ideal, one can merely comply with the directivein Surah Al-Fatihah of the Quran and follow the siratul mustaqim(the straight path; i.e., the middle course), by placing theright hand over the left forearm which will basically forceones hands to be positioned in an area below the chest andabove the navel.
  5. 5. It is also important to note that in a hadith collected byAbu Dawud, Abu Hurairah reportedly said: "The Messenger of Allah(P.B.U.H.) prohibited putting ones hands on the hips during thesalah."With this being said, it is important to note that the late ImamMalik (RA) who was documented as having prayed with his handsdown by his hips, did so as a result of injuries which preventedhim from folding his arms during the salat.
  6. 6. Placement of the hands according to the fourmain schools of thought:HanafiThe author of al Durr al Mukhtaar, explaining the Hanafiposition says: For men the hands should be below the navel.(The Hanafi Madhab maintains that the males should place theirright hand over the left and place them below the navel and thefemales should put their hands on the chest.)MalikiImam Malik ‫همحر‬ ‫هللا‬ has three narrations: 1) Not fasteningthe hands at all but letting them hang at the sides. This is themost famous ruling of his madhab. 2) A choice of fastening orletting them hang at the sides. 3) Placing the hands above thenavel but below the chest.ShafiiThe Shafii Madhab maintains that the folded hands shouldbe placed above the navel but below the chest. Furthermore, ImamNawawi discusses this in his commentary of Imam Muslim saying,This is the better known ruling of our Madhab. He also statesin Sharh al Muhaddhab, He should place them below his chest and
  7. 7. above his navel. This is the correct and clear ruling (of ourschool). Furthermore, Imam Shafii rehto owt sah osla ‫هللا‬ ‫رحمه‬narrations but they are not well known: below the navel and onthe chest. (The Shafii Madhab maintains that both males andfemales should place their right palms on the back of their lefthands and place them above the navel but below the chest, as itis the Sunnah.)HanbaliImam Ahmed Ibn Hanbals ‫همحر‬ ‫هللا‬ view is that that thefolded hands should be fastened below the navel. This is hismost famous narration and is adopted by virtually all thehanbali ulama. (The Hanbalis are of the view that both themales and the females should put their right palms on the backof their left hands and place them below the navel.)www.scmuslim.comSouth Carolina Muslim