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Top 10 static code analysis tool

Top 10 static code analysis tool

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Top 10 static code analysis tool

  1. 1. Top 10 Static Code Analysis Tool APPLICATION’S SECURITY ASSURANCE 1
  2. 2. Software security is a very important concern for todays Software market and for that you need to do code analysis in the development lifecycle. Now we can not imagine ourselves to sit back and do manual reading each line of codes and find issues and bugs. Those days of manual review in the software development lifecycle to find the flaws in the codesareovernow. Now the mindsets has changed and developing quality & secure code from the beginning is on rise. This is the time of automation and developers & programmers are now shifting towards the adoption of tools which auto detects the flaws as soon aspossible in the software development lifecycle. 2
  3. 3. As the process shifting towards the automation, static code analysis (SCA) has become an important part of creating quality code. Now the question here is, What is Static Code Analysis? Static Code Analysis is a technique which quickly and automatically scan the code line by line to find security flaws and issues that might be missed in the development process before the software or application is released. It functions by reviewing the code without actuallyexecuting the code. 3
  4. 4. Thereare threemajor benefitsofStatic analysistools 1. Automation — Automation can save your time and energy which ultimately means you can invest your time and energy in some other aspects of development lifecycle, which will helpyoutorelease yoursoftwarefaster. 2. Security — Security is also one of the major concern and by adopting Static analysis you can cut the doubt of security vulnerabilities in your application, which will ensurethatyouaredelivering asecure andreliable software. 3.Implementation —Staticanalysis can beimplementedas earlyinthe software development lifecycle (SDLC) as you have code to scan, it will give more time to fix the issues discovered by the tool. The best thing of static analysis is that it can detecttheexact line ofcodethat’sbeen foundtobe problematic. 4
  5. 5. Thereare so many Static codeanalysis tools are available toease our work but to choose good tools among them is really a challenging task. I have done some research and providing you the list of top 10 static code analysis tools:- 1. VisualCodeGrepper Visualcodegreeper is an open source automated code security review tool which works with C++, C#, VB, PHP, Java and PL/SQL to track the insecurities and different issues in the code. This tool rapidly review and depicts in detail the issues it discovers, offering a simple to use interface. It allows custom configurations of queries and it's updated regularly since its creation (2012). 5
  6. 6. 4.YASCA "Yet Another Source Code Analyzer (YASCA)" is an open source static code analysis tool which supports HTML, Java, JavaScript, .NET, COBOL, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, C/C++ and some other languages. It is an easy to extend and a flexible tool which can integrate with variety of other tools which includes CppCheck, Pixy, RATS, PHPLint, JavaScript Lint, JLint, FindBugs andvariousothers. 5.Cppcheck Cppcheck is an open source static code analysis tool for C/C++. Cppcheck basically identifies the sorts of bugs that the compilers regularly don't recognize. The objective is to identify just genuine mistakes in the code. It provides both interface command line mode and graphical user interface (GUI) mode and has possibilities for environment integration. Someof them areEclipse, Hudson,Jenkins,VisualStudio. 6
  7. 7. 6.Clang Clang is also one of the best static code analysis tool for C, C++ and objective-C. This analyzer can be run either as standalone tool or within Xcode. It is an open source tool and a part of the clang project. It utilizes the clank library, hence forming a reusable component andcanbeutilizedbymultipleclients. 7.RIPS RIPS is a static code analyzer tool to detect different types for security vulnerabilities in PHP codes. RIPS also provide integrated code audit framework for manual analysis. It is an open sourcetooltooandcan becontrolledvia webinterface. 7
  8. 8. 8.Flawfinder Flawfinder is also one of the best static analysis tool for C/C++. This tool is easy to use and well designed. It reports possible security vulnerabilities sorted by risk level. Itis anopensourcetoolwritteninpythonanduse commandline interface. 9.DevBug DevBug is an online PHP static code analyzer which is very easy to use and written on Javascript. It was intended to make essential PHP Static Code Analysis accessible on the web, to raise security mindfulness and to incorporate SCA into the development procedure. This analyzertoolis alsoavailableinopensource. 8
  9. 9. 10.SonarQube SonarQube is one of the best and well known open source web based static code analysis tool, it can scan projects written in many different programming languages including ABAP, Android (Java), C, C++, CSS, Objective-C, COBOL, C#, Flex, Forms, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, Natural, PHP, PL/SQL, Swift, Visual Basic 6, Web, XML, Python and also allows a number of plug ins. What makes SonarQube really stand outis that It providesmetricsabout yourcodewhichwilltohelpyou totaketheright decision and translates these non-descript values to real business values such as risk andtechnical debt. 9
  10. 10. So, above we mentioned top selective static code analysis tools which can be helpful, but if you think this lists should contain some other tools than feel freeto sharein comment box. To make most out of these tools you need to have better understanding and knowledge of these tools and DevOps culture. scmGalaxy provides training and certification for DevOpsand it’s related tools. Formore details contact us Orvisit our website 10
  11. 11. Thank You! 11

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Top 10 static code analysis tool DevOps Courses - Twitter - Facebook - Google+ - Web - YouTube - Facebook -


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