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Find out how CEO Roundtable work

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CEO Roundtable

  1. 1. CEO ROUNDTABLES Introduction to Peer Mentoring
  2. 2. CharacteristicsA peer mentoring group is self-directed andself-managed. It takes responsibility forcrafting its own learning agenda and formanaging the learning process so that eachmembers learning needs are met andeveryone derives maximum benefit from eachothers knowledge, expertise and experience.
  3. 3. CEO RoundtablesCEO peer mentoring groups – a safe environmentfor discussing issues important to each CEO• focus on goals and strategies• increase skills• share experiences• get the type of feedback they can’t get within their own company
  4. 4. Key benefits• Regularly spend time working on your business, not just in your business• Feedback from a personal board of advisors• Increase your competence as a leader• Focus on your goals and actions• Share and learn best practices• Explore new ideas• Develop a peer support group
  5. 5. Eligibility• Technology CEOs with a minimum of 5 years experience• Building a growth-oriented business• Minimum of 10 employees
  6. 6. Design and structure• 8 to 10 CEOs• All discussions are in the strictest confidence• Participants can’t be from related firms• Members must not be direct competitors• Full attendance is expected for all meetings• Sessions should be monthly, 3-4 hours minimum, at a site that supports confidentiality• Frank assessment by all of each meetings value
  7. 7. What makes peer groups work• Commitment to the group• Having an acknowledged group leader or facilitator• A structured agenda – prepared participants• A sense of trust• Effective renewal of members
  8. 8. Am I a good candidate?1. Am I prepared to discuss my needs and desires with another other people?2. Am I ready and willing to seek help when I need it?3. Am I ready to hear feedback even if I don’t like it?4. Am I ready to gain the knowledge, skills and awareness necessary to become better at my job?5. Am I prepared to focus on and take responsibility for my goals?6. Am I willing to change direction if I need to?7. Am I ready to be objective in order to reach my goals?
  9. 9. Facilitator’s Role• Set the meeting agenda• Develop and implement the rules of engagement• Implement a formal reporting structure• Hold participants accountable for action items• Identify group needs based on their stage of development• Recruit expert resources or content as needed• Facilitate interactive sessions focussed on implementing best practices• Implement an annual group and participant assessment• Recruit and remove members
  10. 10. Roundtable Membership• 9 facilitated roundtable meetings (approximately every 6 weeks)• Annual retreat at Whistler (March 28-30)• Presentations: – Annual technology outlook – Annual economic outlook• Access to online CEO toolkit• One best practices workshop• Annual CEO Social event
  11. 11. It’s lonely at the top Your peers at CEO Roundtables provide great company Business leaders often credit their success to their peer groups