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fireworks Imani Josh


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  • Did you know? Fireworks were invented more than 2000 years ago by the Chinese. This Fireworks celebration showcases our great country and celebrates our freedom. Canada Day is approaching fast. We have new products to choose from this year. Come and check out our website:, we have new fireworks cakes and be amazed at what family fireworks have developed into. We also have many new and exciting fountains, roman candles, spinners and family packs.
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fireworks Imani Josh

  1. 1. Fireworks
  2. 2. ● ● ● Parts of a Firework Break: A container with 2 compartments each holding a bursting charge Time delay: A fuse that slowly burns all the way through the firework causing each part to explode separately Stars: Stars that explode in a single firework
  3. 3. Parts of a Firework ● ● ● ● Black powder: The basic material inside a firework Launching tube: The tube that holds the mortar and the firework Fuse: Wire that connects with Lift charge Lift Charge: Charge that gets the firework in the air
  4. 4. ● Chemical Reactions Potassium chlorate and gun powder makes an energetic source of oxygen causing the temperature to rise ● ● Black powder and a fuse make an explosion which releases gas The Chemical reaction in stars is caused by black powder and a special substance which gives off light and heat
  5. 5. The elements and compounds that make up the colors ● Sodium = yellow ● Calcium = orange ● Strontium + lithium = red ● Barium = green ● Copper = blue ● Strontium + copper = purple ● Magnesium = white ● Titanium = silver
  6. 6. History of Fireworks ● The chineese were the first to make fireworks 1000 years ago.They developed firecrackers and rockets from sulfer, charcoal and potassium nitrate.Fireworks were used for scaring away spirits and were dull in color Marco Polo brought fireworks to Italy resulting in Italy becoming the capital of fireworks.
  7. 7. History of Fireworks ● ● In the 1800s fountains ,wheels and images of fireworks were made. After the Industrial age the understanding of fireworks was better. Many children died after fireworks were brought to the public and introduced to the kids. 4000 of them died In 1980 there were more every year until 1910 electronically fired 1914 new laws were fireworks passed
  8. 8. ● ● The Palm design has cylinders traveling up and then exploding curving downward like palms. Designs The Chrysanthemum design has a spherical patteren leaving a trail behind it. The Roundel design has a circle of maroon shells exploding in a sequence.
  9. 9. Sounds ● ● The Bang of a Firework is caused by a strong case around the shell so that when it explodes a bang is released The whistle sound is made by leaving a drilled hole in the bottom of the shell
  10. 10. Safety Tips ● ● ● Dont sit too close to the fireworks display to avoid ear damage Keep fireworks away from pets Get an Adult to launch bigger fireworks
  11. 11. Safety Tips For people making fireworks there are also rules that they must follow:● ● Wear ear protection incase something goes off Never experiment with the fireworks without supervision
  12. 12. Sources ● ● Fireworks Vicki Cobb ● Fireworks raintree fusion ● Modern marvels ● Nova