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Student Led Conference - Miyu


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SCIS Pudong Campus Student Led Conference Keynote Presentation

Published in: Education
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Student Led Conference - Miyu

  1. 1. Student Led Conference :Miyu Tanaka : April `09 Portrait Room 206
  2. 2. Itinerary
  3. 3. My Learning Styles My strongest learning style is: Interpersonal This means I learn most effectively when I’m working as a group or a partner. I like to discuss and debate with a lot of people. I don’t like to work by myself because when I don’t know something, I don’t have anyone to work with. Sometimes when I’m working by myself, I get really stuck on a question. My worst learning style is musical. This means you like to listen to music,play instrument,and like to compose music.
  4. 4. Writing My next steps: What I can do now: 1. Add more speeches because I don’t 1. Use correct punctuation,have have a lot. even spacing,have correct heights in 2. Also using similes,metaphors,and my words. more adjectives to make my story 2. Write a significant amount in my more interesting and cooler. story and have a lot of adjectives. Spelling What I can do now: My next steps: 1. Get high scores most of the time 1. Practice my spelling words more because I sometimes look at my often and write the words instead of spelling notebook in the bus. just looking at them.
  5. 5. Reading My next steps: 1. Get more creative and start earlier so What I can do now: that I can do a better job. 1. Get creative for some pages and 2. Concentrate more when we read can type my whole book report. as a class and trying to writ e 2. Some times get the comprehension questions right for Bridge to more:about an paragragh. Terabithia and Indian in the Cupboard book. My next steps: Math 1. Listen more carefully to What I can do now: Mr.Hilhorst when he explains to 1. Make improvements on my pre to get larger improvements. post test because I listen carefully 2. Making my graph that I did on to Mr.Hilhorst when he explains. the computer look cooler by 2. Create a graph,survey them,and changing the colors and and the copy it on a computer and make it shape of the bars. look really cool.
  6. 6. Science My next steps: What I can do now: 1. Experiment with different materials 1. Understand sound s through like plastics. air,solid,water,string,etc. 2. Trying to make a music with 2. Understand low and high pitches Kalimba. on instruments like the Kalimba. Social Studies What I can do now: My next steps: 1. Name all the parts that makes up 1. Adding a draw bridge and a cater the and make a castle out of pole to make the castle more papers. creative and interesting. 2. Identify advantages and 2. get more advantages and disadvantages of different type disadvantages to know more about of castles. castles.
  7. 7. Technology (ICT) What I can do now: My next steps: 1. Make a podcast by recording by 1. Add translation to my project make it recording my voice,adding some look cool. music and sound effects. 2. Get more details about indigenous 2. Make my slides look exciting,get people ,try to add more slides,and informations about indigenous add transition to make it look cool. people,and add new slides.
  8. 8. My Quarter 4 goals My Goals for Quarter 4 are: Academic: Get a higher score on my math homework by checking them after I do them and trying to do all the questions. Social: Invite my friends Kannika,Tae-Hee,and Anni after school from 4 o’clock to 6 o’clock or have a sleep-over with them. Personal: Read 2 very long books that is about 150 pages long by reading the books everyday at school at silent reading time,at night right before I go to sleep,and sometimes when I’m free.
  9. 9. Self Assessment (ESLRS) Am I prepared for work everyday: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I settle to work quickly: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I complete work on time: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I work well independently: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I complete homework on time: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I cooperate in group activities: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I observe school & class rules: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I seek help when I don’t understand: Always Sometimes Rarely Am I courteous and well-mannered: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I allow others to work undisturbed: Always Sometimes Rarely After School Activities (ASA’s) I haven’t done any. Activities I do outside of school: ballet,swimming,studying
  10. 10. Teacher Comment Miyu has had a great quarter 3. She impressed her classmates with a well-spoken presentation about the Ainu of Japan recently, and also her Medieval Castle Podcast. Her work attitudes have remained strong and in many ways Miyu is a model student. Keep up the great work Miyu!