Student Led Conference - Kevin


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SCIS Pudong Campus Student Led Conference Keynote Presentation

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Student Led Conference - Kevin

  1. 1. Student Led Conference !quot;#$: Kevin -quot;.$: April `09 %&$'() Portrait *$+,$'(Room 206
  2. 2. Itinerary >4(8$quot;:+9+&(5.43$7 89.$:quot;04 >quot;.1 509$+0$( 5209quot;3(7.,?9$7 /$01+232&4 ;2quot;3(7$..9+&< 5$36(%77$77#$+. /$quot;01$:(=2##$+.
  3. 3. My Learning Styles My strongest learning style is: naturalistic and intrapersonal Naturalistic means I learn most effectively when the subject involves collecting and analyzing something that has to do with nature. Interpersonal means that I am highly self aware and capable of understanding my own emotions, goals, and motivations.
  4. 4. Writing What I can do now: My next steps: 1. Write a story that is about a medieval 1. Describing the setting better by telling the quest which has the parts(1 description weather the day and the feelings in the scene. of the characters and the assignment 2. Making my adjectives bigger than just little from the king 2 obstacles 3 the big battle quick and easy ones. 4 the happy ending. 2. Put a lot of good adjectives into my writing. Spelling My next steps: What I can do now: 1. Not leaving it until the last minute to practice 1. Get very good scores(10 out of 10 and 9 and using words from my writing book. out of 10 most of the time.
  5. 5. Reading My next steps: What I can do now: 1. Always putting the question in the 1. Include the question in my answers answer all of the time. sometimes. 2. Always drawing the illustrations 2. Always finish my book report on instead of taking them off the computer. time. Math My next steps: What I can do now: 1. Making my post-tests always improvements from my pre-tests. 1. Make most post-tests an improvement 2. Double check my answers when I use from my pre-tests. the mean, median, mode, and range so I 2. Learn and use the mean, median, don’t make any mistakes. mode, and range.
  6. 6. Science My next steps: What I can do now: 1. Including more information about the 1. Figure out which bar makes the kalimba than just which bar makes the highest and which bar makes the lowest highest and lowest vibrations. vibrations on the kalimba. 2. Experimenting with different solids 2. Understand that sound vibrations and different liquids. travel through solids liquids and air. Social Studies My next steps: What I can do now: 1. Adding more ideas for the advantages and disadvantages. 1. Identify advantages and 2. Completing two topics instead of just disadvantages of both kinds of castles. one topic. 2 Describe a lot of information about medieval weapons.
  7. 7. Technology (ICT) What I can do now: My next steps: 1. Create a presentation on keynote by 1. Making more slides faster and inserting new slides, graphing, and practicing presenting my podcast so I creating text. The best thing is that I don’t make a mistake. put in tons of information. 2. Adding more music instead of just one 2. Create a medieval podcast by song being repeated over and over adding music, recording my voice and again. adding sound effects.
  8. 8. My Quarter 4 goals My Goals for Quarter 4 are: Academic: T get a higher score than my last book report which o score was 20. So I will try to get over 20 Social: T go to my friend Anderson’s house more often. We o haven’t been seeing each other outside of school lately. Personal: I want to get past a part in zelda(after I get out of the forest temple). I don’t know where to go so I am stuck.
  9. 9. Self Assessment (ESLRS) Am I prepared for work everyday: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I settle to work quickly: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I complete work on time: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I work well independently: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I complete homework on time: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I cooperate in group activities: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I observe school & class rules: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I seek help when I don’t understand: Always Sometimes Rarely Am I courteous and well-mannered: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I allow others to work undisturbed: Always Sometimes Rarely After School Activities (ASA’s) Quarter 2 chess quarter 3 rock climbing. Activities I do outside of school: none
  10. 10. Teacher Comment Kevin has mirrored his previous quarter in many ways: Math remains strong, work attitude, difficulty concentrating, etc. It was great see him present his Indigenous Peoples Project to the class with surprising confidence, create an effective Medieval Podcast during Technology, and a significant Quest Story I hope he shares with you once published. He occasionally remembers his organization goals and works to keep his desk in order. All in all, an improvement again. Good job Kevin.