Student Led Conference - Dong Jins


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SCIS Pudong Campus Student Led Conference Keynote Presentation

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Student Led Conference - Dong Jins

  1. 1. Student Led Conference : Dong - Jinn Kim : April `09 Portrait Room 206
  2. 2. Itinerary
  3. 3. My Learning Styles My strongest learning style is: Kinesthetic. This means I learn most effectively when I get up(stand up)and moving around in class,or anywhere,not just sit down and work,and the kinesthetic (Body smart)person like to play, or enjoying the activity,sports or moving around. Kinesthetic(body smart)people generally good at physical education or good at dancing. body smart people enjoy acting, and performing.
  4. 4. Writing My next steps: What I can do now: 1. Put more consistently adjective in my story, 1. Include the many adjective in because if I don’t put adjective in my story,it my quest story’s. will became boring story. 2.Do more consistently 2. Correctly uses punctuation capitals,periods,commas,speech mark,or try to in my writing. fix it by my self if capitals,periods,commas,or speech mark were get wrong. Spelling My next steps: What I can do now: 1.T practice more word and do o 1. Remembering the spelling every practice test until I can night and do a practice test at remember very well,and more thursday to my teacher or family. harder words.
  5. 5. Reading My next steps: What I can do now: 1.T find in the book very carefully and o ask my friend more and try harder, 1. Find the answer in the book and get because I’m always get wrong very much. right but some is wrong 2. T hand it on time or earlier and write more o 2. Draw very good and carefully at my clearly and specifically. book report about a story. Math My next steps: What I can do now: 1.T work more about the mat, and I will gonna o 1. Do divide,plus,multiply and subtract and I can work more about mean, median, mode and range understand the line graph, bar graph , because I don’t know little bit about them.(Mean, pictograph and pie graph, it is fun and because median, mode and range.) Mr.H teach us thing so I can understand.
  6. 6. Science My next steps: 1.T try my self to make a good o What I can do now: and long music with a Kalimba. 1. Understand that sound vibrations have high & low pitch like a Kalimba. Social Studies My next steps: What I can do now: 1. Thinking of more ideas 1.I can identify advantages and because now I only have 3 for disadvantages of different each one-I want to get 6 at least. types of castles.
  7. 7. Technology (ICT) My next steps: What I can do now: 1. By practicing before I present my 1. Use keynote to present information project and create more to make better. inserting new 2. T work more about garage band o slides,graphics,creating,text box etc... and put more sound effect to make 2. I can make pod-cast with music,sound effects better and to speak clearly. like many people clapping sound,or machine is broke,etc...with a garage band.
  8. 8. My Quarter 4 goals My Goals for Quarter 4 are: Academic: T listen carefully to Mr.Hilhorst and if I forget what he o said,than I will gonna ask him one more time while we are working. Social: T help a hard people and tell him or her what is means, or o tell one more time if him or her didn’t heard. Personal: T try to play basket ball game at recess,because I am o always playing a soccer.
  9. 9. Self Assessment (ESLRS) Am I prepared for work everyday: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I settle to work quickly: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I complete work on time: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I work well independently: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I complete homework on time: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I cooperate in group activities: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I observe school & class rules: Always Sometimes Rarely Do I seek help when I don’t understand: Always Sometimes Rarely Am I courteous and well-mannered: Always Sometimes Rarely Always Sometimes Rarely Do I allow others to work undisturbed: After School Activities (ASA’s) Quarter 2: rock climbing Activities I do outside of school: None
  10. 10. Teacher Comment Dong-Jin does his best when he understands the task. When he struggles it is always because of language difficulties. Dong-Jin needs to organize himself better. His last book report project was an example of him NOT following the guide, and doing a poor job because he left it to the last minute. Start homework tasks earlier Dong-Jin.