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Rebecca's Indigenous People Project


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This is my keynote presentation about the Bedouin People. I did this project during quarter 2 Social Studies. Grade 4 Pudong campus

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Rebecca's Indigenous People Project

  1. 1. The BEDOUIN Rebecca
  2. 2. Contents 1-religion 2- wildlife 3-living 4-language 5-food 6-education 7-work 8-art work
  3. 3. RELIGION Most Bedouins are sunni muslims a kind of christian. Although some are pagan, Jewish or islamic
  4. 4. Wildlife In the desert there are many wild animals. There are dangerous animals: sand vipers, biting snakes,biting spiders, and scorpions. there are many birds, wild goats, wolves , hyenas and leopards.
  5. 5. living The bedouins are nomadic. That means they don’t live in one place forever. They move from place to place in search for animals and water. They move on camels.
  6. 6. language ‫) ﺭَﺑﻴّﺔ‬ Most bedouins are Arabic ( َ‫ﻟْﻊ‬ Arabic is the main language in the middle east and north africa.
  7. 7. Food Bedouins eat pita bread, salads, rice, and vegetables. large feasts include mansaf (lamb with yogurt) and zaarp( a whole goat) The bedouins drink tea and coffee
  8. 8. Education Bedouin children go to school in cities (usually far away). The bedouins have to go a long way so sometimes a child would live at school or their family will move closer to the child’s school.
  9. 9. Work Bedouin people herd sheep and goats. The woman weave blankets and sometimes carpets or rugs.
  10. 10. Art work Bedouin make bottles of sand and carpets. The bottles of sand have many different designs. some even have camels or mountains. They dye the sand many different colors and pour it in a special way.
  11. 11. Bibliography The Bedouin Of The Middle East 2003 Elizabeth Losleben Times media private limited %20and%20Coffee: