Andie` S Indigenous People


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This is my keynote presentation about native Americans.I did this project during Quarter 2 social studies. Grade 4 SCIS Pudong Campus.

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  • Andie` S Indigenous People

    1. 1. Native By Andie
    2. 2. CONTENTS 1 Sports 2 Food 3 Clothing 4 Living 5 Crafts Children 6 7 Currency 8 Family 9 Myths 10 War
    3. 3. Sports Lacrosse is a ancient game that Native Americans played. Instead of using a fancy pole with a fancy net. They used a stick and a net but not a fancy net like used now days. The games were played by Iroquois and other native american groups. The groups were like different teams. The native americans knew lacrosse as stickball which is more traditional.
    4. 4. Food Most americans hunted and gathered to receive food. The main type of meat was the bison or buffalo. The meat can be prepared by several different ways. They cook meat on a camp fire. To catch bunnies and chickens to eat,they use traps. They also gathered food like chokecherries, blueberries,raspberries,strawberries and more, to eat . They also grew plants which could provide food for them such as wild rice, bitterroot, onions,and more!
    5. 5. Clothing Clothing Native americans did not have a TV or a radio to see or hear what to wear, they just made their cloths because they did not have sewing machines back then. Every native american group dressed different then other groups. There are lots of types of clothing spacial ones for special occasions, like when Native Americans graduate they wear clothing from their tribes.In worm places of america they wore only little clothing. In worm places they wore heavy trousers and fur skin jackets.
    6. 6. Living The Cheyenne a Native American group lived just north of the Missouri River but now the Cheyenne lives in Minnesota. Before they moved to the great plains they lived in round huts.In the great plains they lived in tipis.The tipis were made with poles for the base and they used buffalo hides for the cover of the tipi.The northern cheyenne now live in montana and wyoming and the southern cheyenne live in Oklahoma and Colorado.
    7. 7. Crafts The Sioux also a native american group were skilled at making clothes. To decorate them they might use porcupine quills. Women also decorate bags and pouches. Also sometimes made with quills. in the 1600s they began to use beads to design the clothes with. The quilling was also still done but they used beads to get the job done quiker.The quills have to be softened so they can be made and used for a design.Men painted the tipis.They used clay and rocks to make into paint for the tipis.They also used pens made from the buffalo bones.
    8. 8. Children The Seminole a native American group children do a lot of chores. They still do play, boys had a little bit of toys only because they soon learn how to use weapons. They also learn how to hunt, make bow arrows, and to be respectful to elders. Girls learned from their grandmas or moms how to sew,garden and care for babies. They also got play time too. The girls played with dolls made from cloth and palmetto. The children loved to listen to stories about a bunch of things like about their ancestors,scary stories,stories that taught them lessons, and more. Sometimes the children protected the corn from little creatures which is important because other rise the animals would eat it.
    9. 9. Currency Before the Europeans came native americans had no money system instead they used crops and vegetables. They did not have how much each crop or vegetables is worth it depended on the person you traded with. The trader could have items worth a lot of money and others might not have those items. When the Europeans arrived thats when they began to use actual dollars and coins. So they did have a system but just with Vegetables and crops.
    10. 10. Family In the native american group Navajo the new born baby would be born to their mother`s clan. So the baby would take the clan`s name. once the men got married the woman must be in a different clan. Once he is married the couple would move towards the woman`s mom`s house. Usually the men would make the important decision but in this group the woman would decide.
    11. 11. Myths Nez Perce a native american group let young members of the clan stay three days on a mountain including nights. During that time a spirit,dream or animal would teach them a song the animal,dream or spirit would also give them a secret spirit name. The member would never tell their secret name to anyone. Some myths would teach a lesson and sometimes it would be able to entertain. Sometimes Myths would do both.
    12. 12. War • Camanche a native american group moved to the plains while staying there the was a lot of war.During that time they defeated Apache,Ute,Cherokee,Kickapoo,Shawnee, delaware,and Caddo.They fought for the land or the buffalo herds.
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