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ScOT Subject access


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Presentation by Les Kneebone, Project Manager, Schools Online Thesaurus (ScOT) as part of the SCIS consultation workshop on 4 December 2012. This session provides an overview of developments in ScOT, its use in Australian Curriculum and as a source of subject access in school library systems.

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ScOT Subject access

  1. 1. Education Services Australia Les Kneebone Project manager – Schools Online Thesaurus
  2. 2. SCIS subject headings • Rationale • Reference structures • Getting the message out about value of authority files • Updates and usability of authority files • Future
  3. 3. ScOT in SCIS project “Schools of the future will most likely move to unified discovery systems which will make a standardised approach to resource subject description very desirable for schools – keyword searching is rapidly becoming the pre-eminent means of resource retrieval” ScOT in SCIS project, 2006
  4. 4. ScOT overview Warrant Curriculum Identifiers Structure Multilingual
  5. 5. ScOT warrant Vocabulary Curriculum Users
  6. 6. ScOT in Australian curriculumScOT is used to describe Australian Curriculum
  7. 7. Aligning resources Content SCOT SCOT Curriculum 123 SCOT SCOT SCOT SCOT Search for content with high correlation of SCOT tags for 123Alignment between resources andcurriculum may be inferred via ScOT
  8. 8. Identifiers Managing concepts, not ‘terms’ Identifiers are http and resolvable Concepts may be dereferenced from resources
  9. 9. 生態系; 生态系统; Mātauranga taupuhi kaiao; Ekosistem; ; Ökosystem; Οικοσύστημα; Ecosistema; 생태계; Hệ sinh thái; Ekosistem; Ecosistema; ; Écosystème Ecosystems Ecology Biodiversity; Biogeochemical cycles; Bioindicators; Biomes; Competition (Ecology); Ecological niches; Ecological succession; Food webs; Habitats; Land degradation; Native species; Populations (Ecology); SymbiosisUse for resources about communities of organisms interacting with eachother and with their environment, the processes that take place.
  10. 10. Discussion How can school library systems realise the benefits of ScOT for curriculum alignment, multilingual subject access and search? Option 1 Transition from use of SCIS subject headings to ScOT terms Option 2 Manage and display both SCIS subject headings AND ScOT terms in a meaningful way for users