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SCIS e-books


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An introduction to SCIS standards for cataloguing e-books, this presentation describes how to schools can use the SCIS Catalogue as a selection source for e-books. It also addresses how SCIS works with e-book suppliers to provide timely access to catalogue records for e-resources.

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SCIS e-books

  1. 1. Education Services AustraliaSCIS e-booksCataloguing standards for e-books in school libraries
  2. 2. School library cataloguesprovide access to learning resources for the school community
  3. 3. SCIS is a selection source for e-books in schools
  4. 4. SCIS catalogues e-books
  5. 5. Enhanced content in SCIS
  6. 6. Students and staff expect to search in only one place to find school resources
  7. 7. The principles and standards that have served well for physical resources can be applied to digital resources
  8. 8. SCIS standards for cataloguing e-books5. STANDARDS FOR SPECIFIC FORMATS5.A INTRODUCTION5.B ... WEBSITES5.C ... VIDEORECORDINGS5.D ... LEARNING OBJECTS5.E ... E-BOOKS (Nov. 20 10)
  9. 9. What other information doe-book users want to know when searching?
  10. 10. Defining e-book “a book in an electronic format designed to be read in an e-reader” (Macquarie Dictionary) “an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a personal computer or hand-held device designed specifically for this purpose” (Wikipedia) “the basic e-books landscape today includes text and audio, and it is available on readers (such as the Amazon Kindle), PCs, mobile consoles, or online” (ALCTS CRS)
  11. 11. e-book or app?
  12. 12. SCIS GMD = [website] If the e-book is available only as a website, or in html form on a website with the option to view or download a PDF version, or on a website with mixed media, use the GMD [website]. Warner Books Infobase e-books Scholastic ‘BookFlix’ EDUCAUSE e-books
  13. 13. SCIS GMD = [electronic resource] For other e-books, use the GMD [electronic resource]. If in doubt as to which GMD to use, use [electronic resource]. Examples Kindle e-book from Amazon E-book read online using e-reading software, eg Turning the Pages™, or Silverlight™
  14. 14. Original or reproduction? born digital? Cory Doctorow For the win ISBN: 978-0765322166 photographed? scanned with character recognition? edited? new edition? added features?
  15. 15. Multiple formats? Multiple records? Separate records for different versions of the same manifestation are to be discouraged. If the resource is available in various formats, include a note. Provider-Neutral E-Monograph MARC Record Guide
  16. 16. What is an ISBN? The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally. Publications need separate ISBNs if anyone in the supply chain needs to identify them separately. Guidelines for the assignment of ISBNs to ebooks
  17. 17. ISBN mayhem 9780385752145 (hard cover) 0385752148 (hard cover) 9780385752152 (library binding) 0385752156 (library binding) 9780375898433 (e-book) 0375898433 (e-book) 9780385619011 (hbk.) 0385619014 (hbk.) 9780385619028 (pbk.)
  18. 18. SCIS Standards say… Give the ISBN in the MARC 020 if it pertains to the resource being described, i.e. the ISBN of the e-book edition. Do not record the ISBN of an original print edition.
  19. 19. When is a page not a page? If the GMD is [website], omit the physical description. If the GMD is [electronic resource], provide the extent of the item if it is readily available (AACR2R 9.5B3). Give other physical details if they are available and considered important (AACR2R 9.5C3). Examples: • 1 e-book (218 p.) • 21 p. : digital, PDF file.
  20. 20. Location and access Restrictions on access If the item is available only on subscription, include a note. Example A subscription is required to access this resource.
  21. 21. Links in 856 field For e-books available in various formats from a single source, link to the page which offers access to all formats. Optionally, include a link also to a specific version of the resource if it is freely available online. Examples 856 40 $u 856 40 $3 Online version $u http ://
  22. 22. SCIS Overdrive record
  23. 23. School catalogue
  24. 24. School digital library
  25. 25. Discussion How do we provide users with seamless access from catalogue record to e-book? If you create or acquire an e-book what strategy do you have for cataloguing it? What is the demand for e-books in your school community? What is your school’s plan for integrated access to all learning resources?
  26. 26. What next? SCIS professional learning program SCIS updates @schoolscatinfo
  27. 27. Acknowledgements • Leonie Bourke, Manager SCIS • Pru Mitchell, SCIS Support Coordinator • SCIS Team, Education Services Australia • SCIS Information Services Standards Committee