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SCIS data cleansing trial


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Published in: Education, Technology
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SCIS data cleansing trial

  1. 1. Data cleansing trial Using education metadata to align school resources to the curriculum David Feighan & Pru Mitchell November 2013
  2. 2. Responding to the challenges and maximising the opportunities: a school library catalogue vocabulary renovation
  3. 3. metadata cleansing metadata enhancing we did both to create… the glue that facilitates discovery of library collections to the curriculum
  4. 4. Step 1: metadata cleansing SCIS subject headings
  5. 5. Step 2: metadata enhancing ScOT thesaurus
  6. 6. The process What we found •37,009 out of 43,130 (86%) records had ISBN-like data available •qualifiers in ISBN field are annoying, eg ;(hbk.) ;(pbk.) ; (trade) etc •clean up of export before matching against SCIS database, eg some ISBN duplicates can be removed by tools, watch out for field data types, esp for ISBNs and BIBIDs, leading zeros •how to be sure that 001 values were SCIS numbers •reloading and overlay process •time and server load
  7. 7. New vocabularies and new MARC tags Use of 658 Curriculum Element field TOTAL number of records with this field in WorldCat: 4,679 out of a total of 302,928,939 MARC records as of 1 Jul 2013 Overall number of Holdings: 63,847
  8. 8. Australian Cross curriculum priorities • 282 x MARC records with “658 $bAsia and Australia’s engagement with Asia. $2ACARA Australian education vocabularies” • 482 x MARC records with “658 $bAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. $2ACARA Australian education” vocabularies” • 324 x MARC records with “658 $bSustainability. $2ACARA Australian education vocabularies”
  9. 9. Using new vocabularies • Improves catalogue metadata to facilitate discovery and make the catalogue easier to use. • Adds curriculum metadata so the catalogue can be aligned to the curriculum and therefore user needs. • Provides a potential seamless metadata link: – To external authoritative information sources. – From other interfaces such as Scootle back to a library’s own online and print holdings.
  10. 10. Using new vocabularies • The glue that links the links the print and online collections to the curriculum as well as… • The metadata that can be used to facilitate discovery of online resources directly from collection signage.
  11. 11. Using new vocabularies and fields Does your library system: •Display the new field for data entry? •Display the new field in OPAC? •Index the new field? •Include the new field in reports? •Provide export/import profiles?
  12. 12. Next step: community metadata SCIS looks to ingesting curriculum metadata from community members to share out to others in the SCIS community