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SCIS Asks 2013 Alan Manifold


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This presentation to the SCIS Asks 2013 consultation by Alan Manifold, Digital and Library Applications Manager at the State Library of Victoria sets the future of library discovery architecture in the context of the evolution of library systems and search.

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SCIS Asks 2013 Alan Manifold

  1. 1. SCIS Asks 2013 Alan Manifold Digital & Library Applications Manager 14 November 2013
  2. 2. Where We’re Headed Evolution in Libraries Purpose of Metadata School Libraries SCIS Systems Thoughts P–2
  3. 3. Evolution of Content Print Additional analogue materials Electronic Resources Searchable Full Text Mega-Aggregate Indexes P–3
  4. 4. Evolution of Catalogues Knowledge of the Librarian Book Catalogues Card Catalogues Online Catalogues OPACs with separate Online Database services Discovery products, hooked to mega-aggregate indexes
  5. 5. Discovery Products Two primary goals 1. Friendlier and simpler user interface, using facets and modern search technologies 2. Incorporation of wider set of data than just ILS records to reduce silos and to better expose noncatalogue data
  6. 6. Evolution of Research Process Doctrine and history of the Church of England How to help a cow give birth Information about the inventor of the thermometer Ask a Priest Ask a Farmer Keep Wondering Church Library Medical Library Encyclopaedia Online Service Public Library Academic Library Google YouTube Google Google YouTube YouTube P–6
  7. 7. Purpose of Metadata Shift with wide availability of searchable full text Original purpose was for inventory Repurposed inventory metadata for discovery Now, there is an additional shift to: Authorise Limit Evaluate Categorise Link P–7
  8. 8. Features of School Libraries Any resource, not specific ones Protection of young people Integral part of school mission Linked to curriculum Promote learning and reading Diversity Behind the technology curve P–8
  9. 9. Role of SCIS To aid libraries’ missions by providing easily usable connections between things Between resources Between resources and curriculum Between resources and external indexes / search platforms P–9
  10. 10. How to Do That Continue providing quality metadata Increase connecting resources with curriculum Automated ways of doing this Work on linking controlled vocabularies together Explore ways to highlight diversity Explore ways to rate materials Incorporate ratings into metadata P–10 Way ahead, 2013 SCIS CC-by-nc
  11. 11. System Requirements Robust cataloguing and authorities capabilities Possibility of multiple formats (not just MARC) Alternatives to ISBN matching Link-backs from school catalogues for enhancement and resource sharing Access to database / data Little need for workflows, OPAC/discovery, etc Worth exploring: Open Source with local development P–11 Helmut Newton. 1956 . Permission State Library Vic
  12. 12. Image credits [R.A.A.F. in Malaya, 1950], Argus, Crothers, Adrian, 197], [Kodak cassettes and reel to reel tapes], Platinum record award, The Cockroaches,1988. Powerhouse Museum, Sievers, Wolfgang, 1983 A.C.I. Computer Centre, Melbourne, Used with permission State Library of Victoria Newton, Helmut, 195] [Man reading data sheet generated from a machine] Used with permission State Library of Victoria State Library of Victoria, 1954 [Basement of Dome building showing deteriorating stacks of newspapers and books] Waller, C, 1920 [Cover of] My book of flowers [picture] / Christian Yandell Helmut Newton, 1956 A turbo-alternator in the power station [Shell oil refinery, Geelong Used with permission State Library of Victoria [Scenes of the State Library of Victoria from 1954 Age newspaper] Sievers, Wolfgang, 1961 [Card catalogue, Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne] [Young woman browsing the shelves] 195], Victorian Railways, 19], Australia showing through connections between Western Australia and Queensland Strizic, Mark 2005, Street crossing Permission pending P–12