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Resourcing the curriculum


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This workshop considers the priorities facing teacher librarians and school leadership teams in ensuring learners and teachers are supported by appropriate selection, organisation and access to curriculum resources at the school level. It looks at a range of recent sources relevant to the Australian curriculum, with particular emphasis is on e-resources.

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Resourcing the curriculum

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  9. 9. To become lifelong readers, students must have access to current, quality, high-interest, and extensive collections of books and other print materials in their school libraries, classrooms, and public libraries.
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  11. 11. • Quality and quantity of resources that individuals cannot afford or justify • Purchased once, used many times • Managed for efficient location and retrieval
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  15. 15. Library catalogues provide access to learning resources selected for the school community Other search engines rarely point to the learning resources your school has purchased or selected
  16. 16. Users expect to search in only one place to find resources
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