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Faciltating access to digital content


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This presentation gives a brief history of the rise and rise of digital content, and the challenges to libraries. In particular it focuses on the challenges facing school libraries in their management of digital content – some of which are shared with other types of libraries, and some of which are quite specific to our sector. The Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS) as a key service provider and partner with Australian and New Zealand school libraries is committed to helping schools deal with collection management issues.

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Faciltating access to digital content

  1. 1. Facilitating access todigital content in schoolsMay 2013
  2. 2. • A not-for-profit, ministerial company established to provideservices to the Standing Council on School Education andEarly Childhood (SCSEEC)• Assists with the infrastructure and content to supportimplementation of national initiatives such as the AustralianCurriculum and National Professional Standards for Teachers• Existing services: SCIS, Curriculum Press, myfuture, edu.audomain registrar, ScootleEducation Services
  3. 3. Where are we at?Cuddling with multiple devices by Jeremy Keith 2011, CC-by
  4. 4. • apps• audio books• digital video• e-books• learning objects• websites• ...What is digital content?
  5. 5. • instant access• take up less space, free up shelves• portable• hyperlinked, interactive, searchable• democratic• greenerBenefits of digital content
  6. 6. • purpose• format• function• library: primary, secondary or public• publishers: educational, trade or popular• devices: compatibility with systemsOn the same page?
  7. 7. Why do we want/need to change?Kindle, eReaders, & iPad-0by The Daring Librarian CC-by-sa
  8. 8. • community• budgets• infrastructure• policies• subscription modelsChange
  9. 9. BYODBYOD by jennip98Jenny Parker CC-by
  10. 10. School library catalogues provide accessto learning resources for the schoolcommunity
  11. 11. Students and staff expect to search inonly one placeto find school resources
  12. 12. The principles and standards that haveserved well forphysical resourcescan be applied todigital resources
  13. 13. SCIS catalogues digital
  14. 14. SCIS Edition: due 1 July 2013
  15. 15. SCIS is a selection
  16. 16. AppsKarena, C 17 Jan 2013. Move over browsers.Apps are the new way to surf the net, SMH
  17. 17. Websites
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Learning objects
  20. 20. Audio books
  21. 21. Digital
  22. 22. E-books
  23. 23. e-book or app?
  24. 24. ALIA think tank 2013ALIA (2013). ‘E-books and e-Lending issues paper’ of all the things by Zzap InstagramUsed with permission1. Digital RightsManagement (DRM)2. content3. procurement4. operations5. lending and access
  25. 25. • Curriculum Press• Infobase Learning• INT books• Overdrive• Spinney Press• Wheelers• Ziptales ziptales.comWhat e-books will I find in SCIS?
  26. 26. Free e-booksProject Gutenberg
  27. 27. URL (MARC tag 856) is specific to your catalogueSCIS cannot provide that link for youHow do you keep your links safe?Your work flow
  28. 28. Wheeler’s ePlatform
  29. 29. SCIS records for OverDrive e-books
  30. 30. E-books in your school
  31. 31. School digital library
  32. 32. Curriculum
  33. 33. Purchasing e-books
  34. 34. Read the
  35. 35. • How do we provide users with seamless access fromcatalogue record to digital content?• If you create or acquire digital content what strategy doyou have for cataloguing it?• What is the demand for e-books and digital content inyour school community?• What is your school’s plan for integrated access to alllearning resources?Discussion
  36. 36. • SCIS professional learning• SCIS updates• in touch
  37. 37. ALIA 2013 ‘E-books and e-Lending issues paper’, 2013, ‘Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012–2017’ CiscoVisual Networking Index, Cisco. Available: agenda for IFLA 2012 ‘Libraries, e-Lending and the Future of Public Accessto Digital Content’ Ry 2013 ‘NSW pushes eBooks, BYOD for public schools’ ITNews,,nsw-pushes-ebooks-byod-for-public-schools.aspxKarena, C 17 Jan 2013. Move over browsers. Apps are the new way to surf the net,Sydney Morning HeraldReferences