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This was presented in an evening session during the North South Platform Meeting 2010. It was created in September 2010. Due the the fact that online social media changes so rapidly, some of the facts on SCI and facebook are outdated. However, there is still some important information that can be used by branches who would like to see why and how to set up a facebook page.

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Facebook Pages and SCI

  1. 1. facebook Róisín Traynor 30th July 2010
  2. 2. Contents:• How other organisations use facebook PAGES• Case Study – Doctors Without Borders MSF• How other volunteer organisations use facebook• Other non-profit PAGES worth checking out• How SCI IS uses facebook• SCI Branches and facebook• Create a PAGE• Why bother?
  3. 3. How Other Organisations Use Facebook PAGES Contents: Social Media Examiner Australian Youth Climate Coalition Mashable International Climate Movement Unicef The Humane Society of the United States Starbucks (RED)
  4. 4. Landing Page for Non-Fans eg. Social Media Examiner Non-fans are directed to a “landing page” with a welcome video about social media examiner. Non-fans are encouraged to click the “like” button. This is done by adding the “FBML” tab
  5. 5. Landing Page for Non-Fans eg. MashableOr you can insert image of “like” tab and your logo,and include some information about who you are.
  6. 6. Wall Postseg. UNICEF Fans can choose to view wall posts from UNICEF+others/UNICEF/ Just Others This means your wall can look professional and interactive at the same time
  7. 7. Video Tabeg. Australian Youth Climate Coalition Insert a video tab (youtube/vimeo) so your account is embedded in your facebook page
  8. 8. Photo Tabeg. Green Festivals Here you can see Green Festivals have inserted their flickr photos account into their facebook PAGE. You can insert a photos tab (flickr/picasa/photobucket) so your photos account is embedded in your facebook page
  9. 9. Blogeg. International Youth Climate Movement Insert a blog into the notes section of your page. This can be an external blog which is automatically updated in your Notes section
  10. 10. Links to Brancheseg. The Humane Society of the United States By clicking on a country you are brought to the facebook PAGE of that branch
  11. 11. Links to Branches eg. Starbucks Starbucks also does this well by including an interactive map
  12. 12. Be Interactive eg. (RED) (RED) asks people to upload their photos for “photo of the week”, This creates interaction, and gets your page more photos, people love photos ☺
  13. 13. Case StudyDoctors Without Borders (MSF) http://www.facebook.com/msf.english
  14. 14. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) http://www.facebook.com/msf.englishTake a look at the facebook PAGE of MSF and you will see the following sections. MSF is a good example of a non-profit who makes the most out of facebook. Take Action About The info page of facebook cannot be changed Visit our starved for From the: MSF and must be kept visible on the toolbar. attention petition Youtube Channel MSF have inserted an “about” tab where they View MSF Videos Featured: Blog have a short intro to their organisation, their logo Follow MSF on Twitter Featured: Quiz alongside images. Browse MSF on Flickr Featured: Poll Offices Support MSF MSF have an “Offices” tab where you can see the website addresses of all their branches To encourage donations MSF created a tab asking to support MSF. Under “donations” they explain how you can donate, why you should donate, and what donations have achieved so Notes far. The Notes section gives them a place to show They also include “Work with MSF” which shows their blog. how you can volunteer with MSF.
  15. 15. How Other Volunteer Organisations use facebook
  16. 16. Volunteer and Community Tabeg. VSO www.facebook.com/vsouk VSO created a “volunteer” tab, where you can easily see how you can volunteer, donate, or act now. In their “VSO Community” tab you can read blogs from volunteers and search related VSO facebook pages
  17. 17. Other PAGES Worth Checking Out
  18. 18. http://www.facebook.com/redcross http://www.facebook.com/nonprofitsGreat landing page Tells you what you need to know to improveInteractive map to find local branch the facebook page of a non-profit“Other Pages” tab with logo and link to localbranch pagesCauseshttp://www.facebook.com/ChildFundInternatio http://www.facebook.com/nonprofitorgsnal Find out what other non-profits are up to onGreat landing page their social media sitesCausesWall posts encourage interaction withquestions, polls, etc.http://www.facebook.com/oxfamamerica http://www.facebook.com/one.laptop.per.childLanding page provides space for you to “joinonline community”, Great landing page“visit website”, “donate”, “show oxfam gifts” See video on “more about..” tab“twitter” tab“Youtube” tabCauses
  19. 19. How SCI IS Uses facebook
  20. 20. Service Civil International Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/servicecivilinternational SCI IS page has a name which makes it easier for people to find it ☺
  21. 21. Service Civil International Welcome Page for Non- Fans When non-fans search for SCI IS on facebook they are brought straight to this Welcome Page SCI IS asks non-fans to “like” its Facebook PAGE SCI IS asks non-fans to visit the SCI IS website
  22. 22. Service Civil International Notes Page Last Minute Volunteer Places SCI IS keeps Notes updated on volunteer places in camps Volunteers can look here for information on last minute camp availabilities.
  23. 23. Service Civil International Favourite Pages When a branch or a partner organisation etc has a facebook PAGE the SCI IS PAGE can add this to its “favourite pages”. In this way the branches and partners etc are all connected and can be easily found by volunteers.
  24. 24. SCI Branches and facebook
  25. 25. • 25 Branches Active on facebook• 11 are set up as a “person”• 11 are set up as a “group” (this was the best type to use before facebook PAGES was created)• 6 branches have a “page”• 2 branches have more than one (person/group/page)
  26. 26. List of SCI Branches and their Facebook Pages/Groups/Person profiles1. SCI Austria 8. IVS Great Britain 15. ID Norway 22. IAL SwedenPerson Page Group GroupFriends: 372 Friends: 825 Members: 57 Members: 2352. SCI Belgium 9. Útilapu Hungary 16. SCI Poland 23. SCI SwitzerlandGroup Group Group, Members: Person (mostlyMembers: 66 Members: 128 126 private) Person, Private Friends: 4143. VIA Belgium 10. VSI Ireland 17. SCI Romania 24. SVIT UkrainePerson Person Group GroupFriends: 458 Friends: 552 Members: 116 Members: 2434. CVS Bulgaria 11. SCI Italy 18. SCI Slovenia 25. VCV SerbiaPerson Person, Friends: 685 Page PageFriends: 301 Group, Members:318 Likes: 99 Likes: 1,348 Person, Friends: 4825. KVT Finland 12. SCI Malaysia 19. SCI CatalunyaPage Group GroupLikes: 211 Members: 402 Private6. SCI France 13. SCI Nepal 20. SCI MadridPerson Person PersonFriends: 730 Friends: 201 Private7. SCI Germany 14. VIA Netherlands 21. SCI Sri LankaPage Group PageFriends: 286 Members: 81 Likes: 36
  27. 27. Create a Page
  28. 28. • facebook recently created “facebook pages” to make it easier for people like us to use facebook and interact with fans.• More than 20 million people connect with PAGES every day.• Facebook PAGES are a free product for organisations and public figures to connect with people on facebook in an official, public manner. With over 400 million global users on the site every month, PAGES have created more than 5.3 billion connections.• PAGES give you more control with content and design.• PAGES give you “insights” so you can see what type of person – age/nationality etc, is interacting with your page.• It’s easy to change a group/person into a PAGE.• You will NOT lose your members/friends/fans. Contact facebook and they will move these over to your new PAGE.• Make sure to delete your old group/person etc.• See “facebook pages manual” to see step by step how to set up a page
  29. 29. Why Bother ?!
  30. 30. www.facebook.com/servicecivilinternational SCI IS PAGE can be a central database for all SCI branches, partners etc.Multimedia SCI IS can collect and display all videos/photos – best videos/photos of the camp/season/region etc.Stories Space for Volunteers to share their stories through blogTwitter Show live twitter feed re camps, how camps are going (good ☺ and bad ), last minute spaces etc.Contact Info Clearly display details for organisations in SCI’s networkBlog Automatically update blog in facebookDonate Donation tab, why you should donate, how to donate, where your money goes.Branches Be connected into the SCI network to make it easier for volunteers to find your page and interact with photos, videos, stories etc.Partner Volunteers can easily find the pages of our partnerOrganisations organisations
  31. 31. • SCI IS facebook page only has 644 fans (29th July 2010)• We need to work together to create a network of SCI branches on facebook• As many branches as possible could have a facebook PAGE all connected to each other and SCI IS.• Branches can encourage volunteers to “like” their own PAGE and to “like” the SCI IS “page”
  32. 32. Contact projects@sciint.org for more info