NSPM 2010 Expectations and Concerns


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This slideshow was presented during the Opening Session of SCI's North South Platform Meeting 2010.

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NSPM 2010 Expectations and Concerns

  3. 3. NSPM 2010 It is new for me and I am curious NEW looking forward to getting to know other working groups of SCI Get to know the work of the North South Working Group Getting to know each other well and the partnership among related organisations (as I will be a new face in the meeting) It will be my first international NSPM Meeting, I’m looking forward meeting motivated SCI volunteers & staff from all over Europe, get connections with other Sci Branches and constructive discussions about our field of action.
  4. 4. looking forward to work on concrete projects with some members of other working groups Discuss long term projects (quality, criteria, training..) with the different regional working groups sharing experience and news about North South Work NSPM 2010 working in group, sharing knowledge and experiences. meet sci network members improve practices in voluntary domain and culture of peace. SHARING EXPERIENCES WORKING TOGETHER I would expect to meet fellow volunteers of other SCI branches and get to know their experiences regarding North-South programme. “ to share information and experiences about the exchanges in Latin America and in North South countries in general”
  5. 5. NSPM 2010 Exchange on methods, project ideas, fundraising possibilities, learn new games, etc. Dissemination of information, network of SCI branches SHARING EXPERIENCES WORKING TOGETHER High co-operation and strengthening working relations exchange of new ideas about working with volunteers My expectations are to learn more and to exchange experience with the other participants. Hoping to learn about SCI working groups, their activities and to get to know the people.
  6. 6. Establish a co-operation between NSWG and LTEG WG on long-term volunteering in the South and make use of common tools and procedures to find a way to share information between NS- working groups and LTEG NSPM 2010 LONG TERM VOLUNTEERING Successful and fruitful meeting, especially because LTEG and N/S-People are meeting together for the first time on international level –a necessary step after the increase of LTV in the North-South-exchange
  7. 7. NSPM 2010 I want to learn more about the activities of LTEG Working Group and establish even closer cooperation between it and OWA, as I feel that my organisation could be more present and active in LTV field. LONG TERM VOLUNTEERING Establishing a good cooperation between NSWG and LTEG and discussing common issues and possibilities for more long-term exchanges Discussions with the NSPM working groups about common issues in LTVs.
  8. 8. NSPM 2010 Interesting inputs from other SCI branches on projects they realized with migrants, obstacles and strong points they had with those kinds of programs. Experience on how to organise project for special groups in the society like immigrants, refugees etc. During this seminar I hope to get to know how to include migrant volunteers in various projects that OWA is realising, especially in long-term voluntary projects. to share experiences of working with immigrants in different branches interested in getting ideas about how to involve migrants more into SCI, for example in the preparation process of long term volunteers VOLUNTEERING WITH MIGRANTS
  9. 9. to discover interesting ways of involving migrant volunteers in NS activities “ share experiences of working with immigrants” Learning more about ways to promoting volunteering with/among migrants and how we can help promote this activity We're going through tough times, and hardship in impoverished countries has led to massive migration movements, mainly from the South hemisphere countries to Europe and North America. It would be very interesting to analyze this current situation and impact in our societies of every country represented in the meeting, sharing opinions, policies and ideas that could help us drafting the guidelines we, SCI, should keep in mind before a volunteer joins a project. NSPM 2010 Learn more about volunteering with migrants VOLUNTEERING WITH MIGRANTS
  10. 10. For me it is important that we try to solve the problems which came up during the last year. Advance in the solution of the lack of volunteers I think we should talk about the situations and/or problems they had to cope with, weak points of the projects and cooperation with local organizations. I also expect honesty and reliable comments from those who have taken part in the work camps. Generally post-work camp reviews are very positive but I think is important to speak up our minds, and stress those difficult moments we had to face, so we can develop strategies to improve and overcome those difficulties NSPM 2010 DEALING WITH PROBLEMS
  11. 11. NSPM 2010 Development of SCI programme Better quality of the workcamps through exchange and evaluation Learning the way to organize such a meeting to improve upon my personal skill and outlook about international volunteering that will have positive impact on my organization to effectively interact with fellow participants drawn from other parts of the globe
  12. 12. NSPM 2010 KVT representative assigned to the Africa working group To organize the AIWG meeting To join rest of the workshops & meetings. good meeting “ to think about ways to strengthen the organisations in Latin America” to work effectively and take clear decisions regarding the NS camps and policy Having fun and learning about other countries’ culture
  13. 13. A good meeting with lots of new ideas and activists to carry out the ideas in the future years. I expect an efficient exchange between the European and the worldwide partner organizations and branches. I'd like to make a balance of the programme: get feedback from the volunteers and make an accurate diagnosis of the role of SCI in those places where we are working: is our work useful for the local communities? are local conditions improving? if so, are those changes standing in the time? should we make any changes? Meeting other members of Africa working group NSPM 2010
  14. 14. Share our information for the sake of future projects and vols. Basically, I think this meeting is the core point of the North-South Programme. “ good plans for 2011” After having participated in several work camps I feel that I have so much to share, and of course, to learn from others. I’m looking forward to meeting SCI activists from all around the world. By this meeting, I hope to get to know the SCI partners better, but also the other Midis from the different SCI branches. I also hope to have cool common sessions with interesting topics to discuss and a great ambiance. NSPM 2010
  15. 15. “ developing common project(s)” Highly expectant of different working groups commonly doing things together and developing greater influence that will promote global voluntary service. To learn new things about North and South working relationship that seeks to deepen the existing collaborative efforts between my organization other sister organizations world wide NSPM 2010 A chance to see how other branches do their preparation and organise projects with new partners
  16. 16. I expect to participate in one of the annual meetings (Asia WG or MIDI) and the seminar session. Have a productive discussion and exchange possibilites of cooperation and experience with the rest of the WGs. Try to give to SCI a more global dimension. Our branch is very involved in north south issue and the contribution of the south to the north activities is one of our main issue at this moment. That’s why I’m expecting a lot for the exchanges we will have together. I am looking at the Theatre of the oppressed with a lot of expectations as I am familiar with the method and quite like it. NSPM 2010
  17. 17. My first NSPM – looking forward to fruitful dialogue among activists from especially North South people with LTEG people. Hope to meet many representatives of branches and partners in the global South To be able to understand more the NS network and to be able to be involved more in the italian ns working group from next year. To improve the network with NS partners. I always expect to learn more&more and meet new people from other SCI branches. NSPM 2010
  18. 18. Strengthening the cooperation between UVIKIUTA and SCI Network through dialogues I hope we will be able to invent and develop new ideas with the help of south partner organisations in order to involve them more in our work and to foster the partnership and so the quality of our work camps and awareness work. I hope to enjoy the time with nice SCI people. NSPM 2010
  19. 19. CONCERNS NSPM 2010
  20. 20. NSPM 2010 Too much time spent for the seminar and not enough time for the working groups. Too much time pressure in the WGs and too less time for open common sessions Not enough time not enough time for working group sessions not enough time to go deep with the topics Time to meet everybody at the meeting TIME not enough time for exchange with LTEG
  21. 21. NSPM 2010 What is the aim of promoting volunteering among migrants? Have SCI done it before? Who are migrants that we are trying to reach? VOLUNTEERING WITH MIGRANTS
  22. 22. Improve the interaction between the NSPM and LTEG find a good balance between collaborating/working on synergies with all NSPM participants while still having enough time to discuss some core LTEG issues (among LTEG activists and of course including any other interested NSPM participants) is there enough time to talk between LTEG and other working groups? NSPM 2010 That LTEG members don't have enough time to discuss with other working groups about long term issues LONG TERM VOLUNTEERING
  23. 23. Ability to change certain things positively to help the movement. Finding more obstacles than solutions (finances, how to reach the migrants, etc.) Finance for a NS officer I don’t have any concerns about the meeting, because I think all participants will be motivated like me. NSPM 2010 Not many participants from the South As it’s my first meeting, I hope I won’t be lost in too specific discussions, or not understanding the background of the discussions.
  24. 24. Plan of Action for 2011. Enhance the cooperation between continents. I don’t have any special concerns as long as the draft agenda will be realised during the seminar – the content is very interesting to me. I guess all questions and concerns that will appear during the seminar, if they be address by the trainers, can only enrich the content of the meeting. After so many years of different meeting, especially north south meetings, I’m ready to meet any kind of strange situations. So I don’t have actually any concerns. Maybe one: to fall into one of the finnish lakes. I’m not very familiar with SCI’s working groups. NSPM 2010
  25. 25. I hope we will be able to get through the all Midi agenda, without too much problem. I am afraid the sessions depends a lot of the “experts” and other speakers we invite, prep-team will depend also a lot from KVT work beforehand. Not to be able to propose real actions after NSPM (a lot of talks and lack of follow-up). NSPM 2010 Registration, & Travel That a lot of philosophical issues will be discussed and nothing in the end will be concretized. SCI jargon!