Profile of Scientica Life Sciences Private Limited


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Profile of Scientica Life Sciences Private Limited

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  • Change implementation - ???? Implementation Content providers Project manager Copy writers Designers Programmers
  • Medical Strategy; Marketing Strategy; Medical Publishing; Events Speaker Programs Print Deliverables - Web Sites Medical Illustrations
  • Profile of Scientica Life Sciences Private Limited

    1. 1. Scientica Life Sciences Private Limitedwww.scientica.comScientica Life Sciences Private Limitedwww.scientica.comSimplifying Science
    2. 2. Legal DisclaimerCopyrights & Legalities Images used in the presentation are from managed licenses database and may be protected under various copyright licenses ISBN & Bar Code used in the presentation belongs to Scientica Life Sciences Private Limited and is subject to legalities of the agency forISBN in India Certain client related facts are used within the purview of and are covered by Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Contract (CNDC)signed by Scientica Life Sciences Private Limited with their clients, all such facts are presented to you as per limited permissions offeredby the CNDC. Hence, this presentation shall be used only for reference. This presentation shall not be made available to public domainand strictly shall be shared internally for need to know purpose only. In case if you intend to use any part of this presentation, a priorpermission from Scientica Life Sciences is mandatory
    3. 3. Presentation Overview1. Team1. Team2. Expertise2. Expertise3. Case Studies3. Case Studies
    4. 4. Scientica Life Sciences Private Limitedwww.scientica.comExpert
    5. 5. ExpertDr. Ashutosh PradhanExperienced Healthcare Domain ExpertHealthcare Experience of total 19 years Founder Director (9 years) of Adroit Insights and nowScientica Life Sciences Private Limited 3 years of Healthcare Communication Agency Experience - agencies suchas GoodhealthNYou (Now Oxygen), Indegene 2 years of Medical College experience as a Lecturer Successful track record of projects including medical writing, visualization,KOL interactions for organizing focused doctor meets Successfully handled functional tasks such as Lecturer, Medical Adviser,Project Manager and now Director Rich experience of cross-functional co-ordination and interaction withKOLs to achieve healthcare communication goals
    6. 6. The CompaniesIn business since:2003 - 2008 – Adroit Insights Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. CRO2004 – Scientica Life Sciences Private Limited Medical Communication Patient Education
    7. 7. Scientica Advisory BoardOrthosDr. Suresh VengsarkarDr. Nirad VengsarkarDr. K. H. SanchetiDr. Parag SanchetiDr. Sanjay LondheOBGsDr. Shirish DaftaryDr. Anish SabnisEndocrinologistsDr. Shaukat SadikotDr. Shashank JoshiNephrosDr. Bharat ShahDr. Ramesh RaoConsulting PhysiciansDr. S. R. TungareDr. Shailaja SabnisDentistsDr. Rohit Karnik
    8. 8. Scientica Life Sciences Private Limitedwww.scientica.comExpertise
    9. 9. Core ExpertisePost-MarketingSurveillancePrint /CDs / DVDsAdvisoryBoardMeetsConferences Website / AppDevelopmentBrand Strategy Strategic medico-marketing…Support, Planning & Execution
    10. 10. Brand StrategyDesign and positioningRe-engineeringPlanningCommunication
    11. 11. Strategic ApproachStrategy- Medico-MarketingAssessment- The big ideaStrategy- Medico-MarketingAssessment- The big ideaData Validation- MEDLINE- IndMed- KOL Interviews- Focused Dr MeetsData Validation- MEDLINE- IndMed- KOL Interviews- Focused Dr MeetsClient Brief- SWOT- Scientific data- Marketing dataClient Brief- SWOT- Scientific data- Marketing dataStage 1Stage 1 Stage 2Stage 2 Stage 3Stage 3EvolutionEvolutionImplementation >>>>>Implementation >>>>>
    12. 12. Strategic ApproachDeliveryDeliveryExecution- Design- ProductionExecution- Design- ProductionStage 1Stage 1 Stage 2Stage 2 Stage 3Stage 3ImplementationImplementationApproval- Medical- MarketingApproval- Medical- Marketing
    13. 13. DeliverablesSr Competencies Deliverables1. • Brand Strategy• Medical Writing - Content SourcingMedical and Health Awarenessalong with Content validation fromdoctors• Medical Visualization• Script writing, direction andproduction of scientific and healthawareness documentaries• Quality of Living – PeriodicalBrand Strategy:• Design and positioning• Re-engineering• Planning• CommunicationMedical Publishing:• Interactive CME CDs / Video CDs / DVDs / DVD Video• Medical Conference – audio / video coverage and post-production• Review Articles / Manuscript / Scientific writing for MEDLINE-indexedjournals• Books authored by doctors on clinical conditions• Case Studies contributed by doctors• Newsletter content• Medical Education Brochures & Leaflets• Patient Education & Awareness Campaigns• Post-Marketing Surveillance• Training Manuals• Designing research protocol, informed consent• Compiling research reports• Quarterly English Health Magazine2. Web Programming – PHP, MySQL. • Booking domain names / Hosting web sites• Installing web applications such as Content Management Systems (CMS),Shopping Cart, Payment Gateways, Managing mailing lists3. Audio-visual Production & Replication CDs / DVDs (1000 & above) Normal & copy protected
    14. 14. Scientica Life Sciences Private Limitedwww.scientica.comCase Studies
    15. 15. ClientsCosme HealthcareA Division of CFL Pharma
    16. 16. Case Studies - Patient Education
    17. 17. Case Studies – Patient EducationProblem Challenge Solution InputObstetricianspend timeansweringqueries onnormalpregnancyObstetrician toobusy to find time.Need to create aneducational toolfor self-viewingby patientsPatientEducationVideoJoyful Motherhood Documentary
    18. 18. Case Studies – Patient EducationProblem Challenge Solution InputLaunching anew Product inan over-crowded marketwith apositioningdifferentialCreatepromotionaltool to create a“feel good”positioning foran ironpreparationPatientEducationBooklet onFeel GoodTherapy –Yoga duringpregnancy
    19. 19. Case Studies – Patient EducationProblemChallenge Solution InputLow PatientCompliancefor CalciumHelp Orthosto increasepatientawareness toimprovecompliance totherapyDemonstratePatho-Physiology ofOsteoporosisand itsConsequencesOsteoporosis AnimatedDesktop Demo Aid
    20. 20. Case Studies – Patient EducationSegment DermaProblem Challenge Solution InputIn-clinicPatienteducationKeepingPhysiciansinterested in useof computersfor patienteducation.“Keep ItSimple”3-DAnimationPatientEducationCDDerma Desk – Desktop Demo AidSoftware
    21. 21. Case Studies – Patient EducationProblem Challenge Solution InputLow PatientCompliancefor CalciumHelp Nephrosto increasepatientawareness toimprovecompliance totherapyDemonstratePatho-Physiologyof RenalOsteodystrophyand itsConsequencesRenalOsteodystrophyDesktop Demo Aid
    22. 22. Case Studies - Medical Education
    23. 23. Case Studies – Medical EducationProblemChallenge Solution InputsExplainingMechanism ofAction(MOA) inAcute SpinalCord Injurytoo Complexfor SalesForceConvertingfull textarticles in aeasy to detailformatIllustratedMOA• Animated MOA CD• Illustrated Catalogue ofMOA
    24. 24. Case Studies – Medical EducationProblem Challenge Solution InputFetal anomaliesare missed byobstetriciansduring regularAnte-NatalCheckup(ANC)Create areferral tool forobstetricians toimprovediagnosisbased on USGin ANC3D Atlas ofFetalAnomaliesAtlas of ImagingTechniques inObstetrics
    25. 25. Case Studies – Medical EducationProblem Challenge Solution InputDifferentiate aMe too brandCreate a nicheposition topenetrate acrowdedmetforminmarketReviewarticle writtento focus onIncreasingrisk ofdiabetes inwomen
    26. 26. Case Studies – Medical EducationProblemChallenge Solution InputCoverage of9thAnnualConference ofAsia PacificArthroplastySocietyConvertingvideo footageof 120 hoursinto 9 hoursof videoEdit thelectures tocreate set ofthree DVDs
    27. 27. Case Studies – Medical EducationProblem Challenge Solution InputStrengthencompanyimagewithinorthopaediciansNon-brandedpromotionLatestUpdates in thefield ofsurgeryHip ResurfacingArthroplasty ProcedureAtlas
    28. 28. Case Studies – Medical EducationProblem Challenge Solution InputGenerate IndianConsensus onRational Use ofAntibioticsCo-ordinationto get MultipleKOLs acrossMultipleSpecialitiesfocused toreach aconsensusFocusedGroup DoctorDiscussionsacross 2metros.Consensus documentwith video CD
    29. 29. Case Studies – Medical EducationProblem Challenge Solution InputLaunch a newcombinationproduct fordyslipidemiaNo Indianguidelines foruse ofcombinationproductscontainingstatinsConsensusDocumentbased onFocused GroupDoctorDiscussionacross 4metros.Consensus Documentwith Video CD
    30. 30. Case Studies - Web Development
    31. 31. Case Studies – Web Development
    32. 32. Case Studies – Web DevelopmentNow Offline
    33. 33. Case Studies – Miscellaneous
    34. 34. Case Study – Android AppProblem Challenge Solution InputDetailing onnew productConvertingprint mediadetailing aidinto androiddevice-baseddetailing aidApp compatibleto current OS -Android 4.0.4Ice CreamSandwich.apk installer compatible withSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    35. 35. Case Study – Conference GameProblem Challenge Solution InputDoctoreducationthroughengagingactivity toimprove Brandrecall atDermacon 2004Driving trafficto companybooth at acrowdedconferenceTouch screen“Spot theTreatment”GameConference Game
    36. 36. Case Study – Basic Medical EducationProblem Challenge Solution InputHelp RMPs inperipheralmarketsunderstandnuances of RASimplifyingmedicine forimprovingpatient care inRASeries of bookletson basics of RA –incidence,prevalence,clinical features,diagnosis,management, etc.
    37. 37. Scientica Life Sciences Private Limitedwww.scientica.comThank youContact:Dr. Ashutosh PradhanM –