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Art history webquest


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Art history webquest

  1. 1. An Internet Exploratory Journey
  2. 2. Dear Artist, You have just received a very sad and unexpected letter from a long lost relative, an Uncle from the island- without-any-art. The letter stated that you were the beneficiary of all his belongings, including; money, cars, mansions, swimming pools, and horses. In order for you to enjoy this luxurious way of living you will need to fulfill your uncle’s one last wish. If you want to spend money, drive fast cars, live in enormous homes and ride horses all day then I suggest you continue this quest by following the instructions included in his letter.
  3. 3. Your journey will be long, but wellworth the contribution that will bemade to the people on theisland-without-any-art. GOOD LUCK!Your task is to convert one of the manymansions your Uncle owned on theisland-without-any-art (hereaftercalled IWAA) into an Art Museum.Continue reading for furtherdirections.
  4. 4. You will first have to create anArt History Timeline so youknow how many rooms will beneeded to accommodate theHistory of Art. The timeline youcreate should include art imagesfrom the periods as well as briefdescriptions of the time periodand images depicted.Keep reading!
  5. 5. Resources Go to this page for a nicely compiled list of sites you can visit to help you find pictures and information from each time period throughout history: WEB%20QUEST%20RESOURCES.html You will need to continue reading to find out the rest of your uncle’s instructions.
  6. 6. Directions: STEP ONE: Upon the completion of reading the introduction and the task components to the web quest, students will select a partner. Partners should work together on reviewing the www resource page and preview what they would like to incorporate into the art museum that best represents the Art History timeline.
  7. 7. STEP TWO:Partners should begin searchingimmediately on the www resourcepage and select images that they feelbest represents a period in Art History.Partners should save images into astudent folder they specifically createfor this assignment.
  8. 8. STEP THREE:Partners will work together arrangingthe images that they have selected intoa Word document clearly following anaccurate historical timeline. Each timeperiod should be briefly explained.Images will be accompanied by shortsummaries of the artwork , including:Artist, Date, Title, and a brief historyof the artwork (if known.)
  9. 9. STEP FOUR:Partners will need to conclude howmany rooms will be needed which willbe determined by the amount of artwork they select to best represent theArt History timeline.
  10. 10. STEP FIVE:Partners will share the presentation ofthe Art History timeline to the class ina Power Point format. Partners shoulddemonstrate an understanding of thechronological order of the art periodsand their timeline should prove to beuseful in a museum and to the peopleon the IWAA. A Word document willbe given to the teacher.
  11. 11. HOORAY!You have accomplished your goals. Ifcompleted successfully you should beable to live off of your uncle’s goodfortune for the rest of your life.Congratulations, in advance, on a jobwell done!
  12. 12. Grading Rubric(how to earn a high score!) 5 POINTS 3 POINTS 1 POINT SCOREUse of Partners Partners used Partners used utilized at least 50% of ten or less ofresources majority of www the www sites the www sites sites provided provided providedAccuracy Partners Partners Partners did not followed the followed the use wwwof timeline www resource www resource resources and page and page but the completed an completed an chronological inaccurate, accurate order was incomplete timeline incorrect timelinePresentation Partners worked Partners Partners did not well together and worked well work wellof timeline completed an together but the together and organized document as well presentation the as Power Point was presentation presentation unorganized or was incomplete missing some parts