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  1. 1. In the womb This drawing shows a baby inside its mother’s womb. 1. Colour the placenta and umbilical cord in orange. 2. Colour the uterus wall in brown. This is a diagram shows how the blood of the foetus and the blood of the mother come close together in the placenta, but do not mix. Use these words to fill in the gaps below: alcohol foetus mother opposite placenta blood
  2. 2. cigarettes oxygen To grow the ________ needs nutrients from digested food, it also needs ________. These move from the blood of the __________ to the ________ of the foetus, in the placenta. Wastes and carbon dioxide move from the foetus’s blood to the mother’s in the ___________ direction. The _________ can stop some harmful substances and bacteria reaching the foetus, but others like ________, harmful chemicals from ____________ and viruses can move across the placenta and affect the development of the foetus.