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Cagliari urban development


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Cagliari urban development

  1. 1. Cagliari is a really old town – one of the oldest in the Mediterranean sea! Its origin dates back about 3000 years ago. Liceo Scientifico Michelangelo - Cagliari Phoenician Period An important event was the arrival of Phoenician people who chose Sardinia as a port for their trade. Roman Period In 238 B.C. the Romans conquered Sardinia. The Roman rule lasted for about seven centuries. Pisan Period In 1215 the Pisans built a fortified town, completed in 1216. Aragonese Period A hundred year had not passed, when another domination came: the Aragonese, who, with the help of the Pope, conquered Sardinia. The Piedmont Reign In 1718, Cagliari and Sardinia came under the House of Savoy and were included in the Piedmont kingdom, which from that moment took the name of Sardinian-Piedmont kingdom. Comenius project 2009-2011 Cagliari in ancient time
  2. 2. <ul><li>This is the city of Cagliari today, but sixty years ago it wasn’t so… </li></ul>Liceo Scientifico Michelangelo - Cagliari Cagliari today … in fact after the bombings during the World War 2 it was more similar to this. After the war, inhabitants of Cagliari rebounded and the city developed around the historical districts of Castello, Villanova, Stampace and Marina. Historical districts receive today the highest proportion of foreigners in Cagliari. Stampace, built in the west of Castello, is the very heart of Cagliari, because, from its expansion, the modern suburbs developed. The productive activities of the city are centered inside this district. This is a new map of Cagliari: it is notable that the 15% of the population lives into Is Mirrionis and Sant’Alenixedda districts. Comenius project 2009-2011