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Cagliari social life


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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Cagliari social life

  1. 1. Social Life in Cagliari Cagliari is a vibrant and lively town… In fact , here in Cagliari, you can enjoy every kind of sport! Beach Soccer Kitesurf Windsurf Beachvolley Liceo Scientifico Michelangelo-Cagliari And the nighttime is no exception! Infact you can have a cocktail in one of our fancy bars… … Or go to concerts…. … .And if you are a fan of dancing, here there are a lot of discos. The streets of the old town come to life with young people weaving from restaurants to bars.. You can sip a pre dinner drink on the terrace overlooking the Bastione… … or sit back and enjoy a relaxing cocktail under the shade of the Elephant Tower . Comenius Project 2009/2011