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Cagliari migrants


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Cagliari migrants

  1. 1. In addition Cagliari offers many international opportunities to enjoy your free time, and this is due to the presence of a multi-ethnic population. In recent years there has been an increase of the migration in Sardinia, particularly from Asia and Africa but from Ucraina and Romania too. Liceo Michelangelo Cagliari The 45% of the total immigrants in Italy are Romanian, Albanese, Moroccan and Chinese people, Sardinia hosts the 0.8% (29’537) of this population. The 76% of them is employed and works here in Sardinia. Other initiatives, finalized to increase racial integration, were the meeting held in Quartu S.E. at the parish of San Pietro and organized by the SVE, a voluntary service established by the EU dealing with integration problems. In Cagliari the immigrants are not considered a problem but they are an important part of the community. O ur city is known for its racial integration. Not long ago in Cagliari the Caritas association has organized an important party with many colours and lots of exotic music called “Hello Brother” dedicated to the immigrants. Another important event in the community of Cagliari is the celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Senegal. Cagliari organizes it every year on April 17 th . Migrants and Migration Here on the right is Mr Marco Espa - a Regional Cagliaritan Councilor - and Mr Papa Cheikh Saadibou Fall – the Ambassador of Senegal. Comenius Project 2009-2011