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- Desenvolvimento colaborativo para aumentar a visibilidade de pesquisa de impacto em nível local e global
WoS e SciELO e outros índices de citação de qualidade como melhor descoberta de pesquisa e base analítica, particularmente para o Brasil e a América Latina
- Aumento da visibilidade;
- Critérios de seleção e inclusão;
- JCR e JRM;
- Novas métricas em nível de artigo e de periódico;
- Importância da qualidade dos dados na unificação dos registros para criar a melhor descoberta de pesquisa e experiência em métrica;
- Planos de lançamento no mercado.

- Collaborative development to increase visibility of locally and globally impactful research, WoS plus SciELO and other regionally authoritative citation indexes as best research discovery and analytics foundation, particularly for Brazil and Latin America
- Increased visibility - Selection and inclusion criteria
- JCR and JRM - New article and journal level metrics
- Importance of data quality in unification of records to create the best research discovery and metrics experience
- Market rollout plans

Desarrollo colaborativo para aumentar la visibilidad de la investigación a nivel local como a nivel global impactante, WoS más SciELO y otros índices regionales de citas de autoridad del mejor descubrimiento de la investigación y la fundación analítica, especialmente para Brasil y América Latina
- Mayor visibilidad
- Criterios de selección y de inclusión
- JCR y JRM - Nueva métrica a nivel de artículo y nivel revista - Importancia de la calidad de los datos en la unificación de los registros para crear la mejor experiencia para el descubrimiento de la investigación y las métricas
- Planes de desarrollo del mercado

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  1. 1. SciELO CITATION INDEX Now available on the Web of Knowledge! October 23, 2013 SciELO15 Conference
  2. 2. SCIELO CITATION INDEX Now available! The SciELO Citation Index lets researchers around the world discover new insights from research emanating from Latin America, Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean and South Africa while making connections to the broader research landscape for a more complete global picture. • Now available to all Web of Science subscribers • Hosted on the Web of Knowledge includes Spanish and Portuguese interfaces • Result of a great collaboration between SciELO and Web of Science team at Thomson Reuters 2
  3. 3. THOMSON REUTERS SCIENTIFIC & SCHOLARLY RESEARCH DIVISION…OUR MISSION To provide information solutions that are essential for research organizations (funders, producers, consumers) to make new discoveries, analyze trends, measure performance, make decisions, collaborate, and author and publish research. We help our customers: Advance scientific and scholarly knowledge Measure & manage the “business of research”
  4. 4. A LONG HISTORY OF INNOVATION 1961 1992 Science Citation Index 1996 1999 Web of Science Launched ISI Acquired EndNote Acquired 2002 2004 Web Of Knowledge Launched Biosis Acquired 2005 2006 Century of Science Launched ScholarOne Acquired 2008 New Wok Interface Introduced 2009 2011 2010 Discovery Logic Acquired. 2012 2013 Data Citation Index Launched 1. WoK 5 Launched 2. Research in View Launched 3. Book Citation Index Launched 1. Evidence Acquired. 2. Chinese Science Citation Database Launched. 3. InCites Launched. 4. Century of Social Sciences Launched SciELO Citation Index Launched
  5. 5. WHOM WE SERVE SCHOLARLY LITERATURE RESEARCH INFORMATION, TOOLS AND SERVICES Information professionals Post-Doctoral Candidates Administrators Publishers Students Faculty Researchers Scholars 5
  6. 6. SSR CUSTOMERS BY REGION – over 6,500 Globally! Customers in 50 countries Customers in 12 countries Customers in 26 countries
  7. 7. Thomson …providing integrated Reuters Web of access to high quality Knowledge SM) literature through a unified platform that is a research platform, that Derwent Innovations Index Zoological Record helps you terms Current Contents share information sciences, content and search 1963-present 1864-present find, analyze, and in the links a wide variety of BIOSIS Citation Index together, creating one 1998-present common vocabulary, 1926-present Web of Science social sciences, •SCIE - 1898-present •SSCI- 1900-present •AHCI-1975-present •CPCI-1990-present •BkCI-2005-present arts, and Humanities... FSTA 1969-present Data Citation Index 1900-present MEDLINE CABI 1910-present 1989-present SciELO Citation Index Launching today! INSPEC 1898-present seamless search. 1950-present Chinese Science Citation Database and one
  8. 8. SCIELO CITATION INDEX – INCREASED VISIBILITY AND EXPANDED DISCOVERY This partnership combines regionally relevant scholarly literature with powerful tools to search, track, measure, and collaborate in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. It increases the visibility of the SciELO collection and expands discoverability of regional content from Latin America, Caribbean, Spain, Portugal and S. Africa INSERT FULL TEXT PICTURE
  9. 9. WITH SCIELO YOU CAN: • • • Access Critically important regional content in SciELO (e.g., tropical medicine, regional-specific agriculture) within the context of international literature The selection criteria principles employed by SciELO on Web of Knowledge ensure only high quality regional journals are included, providing a better discovery environment. SciELO on the Web of Knowledge delivers local information in one regional database, simplifying the discovery process
  10. 10. EXPANDED COVERAGE BEYOND THE CORE WEB OF SCIENCE COLLECTION • Approximately 700 titles in SciELO Citation Index at launch – over 400 new to the Web of Knowledge platform • Includes over 6 million Cited References • All titles are open access with links to full-text at SciELO sites • Same core feature set as other Web of Knowledge citation indexes • The SciELO Citation Index content will be updated on a weekly basis as data feeds are delivered from central SciELO Brazil office to Thomson Reuters.
  11. 11. SCIELO SUBJECT CATEGORIES • Agricultural Sciences • Applied Social Sciences • Biological Sciences • Engineering • Exact and Earth Sciences • Health Sciences • Human Sciences • Linguistics, Letters and Arts • Mathematics • Physics • Social Sciences
  12. 12. A SEARCH EXAMPLE: “Tree Species” / “Espécies Arbóreas” SciELO is accessible from the “Select a Database” tab SciELO supports searching in Portuguese, Spanish, with diacriticals and accents
  13. 13. ACCENTS ARE SUPPORTED Users can search words with or without diacriticals and achieve the same search results. The diacriticals will display in the records, regardless of the search.
  14. 14. SEARCH RESULTS Article titles are displayed in both English and local language
  15. 15. FULL RECORD Abstracts are displayed in English and local language
  16. 16. ACCESS TO FULL TEXT All articles are Open Access with links to full-text
  17. 17. EXTENDING WEB OF SCIENCE CITATION COUNTS: SCIELO’S CITING REFERENCES SciELO citation counts will be included in the ALL Databases count
  19. 19. CITATION MAPPING APPLIED TO SCIELO RECORDS Explore the connections between earlier and subsequent works.
  20. 20. INTEGRATES WITH ENDNOTE AND RESEARCHERID Results can be selected and exported seemlessly into EndNote and ResearcherID.
  21. 21. SCIELO ADDS UNIQUE CONTENT TO THE WEB OF KNOWLEDGE The picture gets even bigger through the ability to access regionally relevant scholarly literature and identify influential authors and research within rapidly developing research centers.
  22. 22. THE IMPORTANCE OF HIGH QUALITY METADATA A brief look “behind the scenes” at data processing for the Web of Science and other scholarly databases
  23. 23. THE IMPORTANCE OF HIGH QUALITY METADATA IN OUR PROCESSES TR indexed content 1 2 Master Product Repository Loader Process Linking 4 Open Registry System 3 1. Loader: SciELO XML schema validation; data clean-up (invalid char, hanging tags, etc) 2. ORS: Compare metadata to known items; Unify matches, register new items 3. Linking: • Source-to-Source • Reference-to-Reference • Reference-to-source • Merge sources • Collect variants of cited refs • Connect cited refs to Web of Knowledge source Web of Knowledge value-add 4. Web of Knowledge Value: Citation Product Repository 5 Times cited and Scorecard Search Engine Indexing 6 • Specialized indexing vocabularies, author clustering, etc. 5.• Unique SciELO version retained CPR: calculates Times Cited and Citation Scorecard 6. Ensures cross-database discoverability
  24. 24. OBRIGADO! For more information please visit: Michael Takats
  25. 25. SciELO CITATION INDEX Now available on the Web of Knowledge! October 23, 2013 SciELO15 Conference