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Altmetrics in practice: our experience


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Como Altmetrics é realmente usado? Vamos abordar brevemente o que diferentes grupos estão realizando com Altmetrics no mundo real, em seguida prever o que acreditamos que vai acontecer nos próximos um ou dois anos.

How are altmetrics actually used? We’ll briefly cover what different groups are already accomplishing with altmetrics in the real world, then look ahead to what we think will happen over the next year or two.

¿Cómo se usa realmente la altmetrics? Cubriremos brevemente qué es lo que diferentes grupos están logrando ya con altmetrics en el mundo real, entonces miraremos hacia adelante acerca de lo que pensamos que ocurrirá en uno o dos años.

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Altmetrics in practice: our experience

  1. 1. Altmetrics in practice: our experience Euan Adie, SciELO 15, 24 October 2013
  2. 2. Several different tools available
  3. 3. What are “altmetrics”? o “alternative metrics” o new ways of measuring different, non-traditional forms of impact, potentially of non-traditional outputs. o “alternative to only using citations”, not “alternative to citations”. o complementary to traditional citation-based analysis.
  4. 4. Every researcher is a communicator Within academia Presentations and seminars Funding and ethics applications Academic books Journal articles and posters Term papers and essays Meetings and conferences Correspondence Within society Speaking at public events Books for general audiences Press Social media Blogs Policy documents We should measure both
  5. 5. New perspectives of impact SOCIETAL IMPACT ACADEMIC IMPACT Journal Impact Factor Citation counts Traditional metrics + Download counts Page views Mentions in news reports Mentions in social media Mentions in blogs Reference manager readers … etc. Alternative metrics “altmetrics”
  6. 6. One available tool. We are used a lot by publishers, now some institutions too. We serve 2.5 million requests a day.
  7. 7. Where are the readers? Who are the readers?
  8. 8. What’s interesting about this kind of data?
  9. 9. Altmetrics tools are at version 0.1
  10. 10. Altmetrics tools don’t (yet) provide good metrics for impact BUT They can help you find evidence of impact, successes
  11. 11. Evidence of public outreach? An article on the ecological impacts of the Fukushima nuclear accident. • > 1,859 twitter accounts shared, combined follower count of 2.5M. • 68% of tweets sent from Japan. Figure 1 • 77% of tweets from members of the public. 2012, Scientific Reports 2, 570
  12. 12. A different example, from the USP
  13. 13. Evidence research has reached patients?
  14. 14. Quantifying attention Altmetric score
  15. 15. Note that we can measure attention, but… Positive? Negative? For scientific reasons? Or because the title is funny? Is 364 good or bad anyway?
  16. 16. Context is everything
  17. 17. In general, altmetrics numbers… X Don’t represent the quality of research. X Don’t indicate the quality of individual researchers. X Don’t tell the whole story – always look for qualitative data as well
  18. 18. Why score at all? To allow ranking
  19. 19. What should we be measuring beyond attention? Question for the academic community.
  20. 20. Problems
  21. 21. Problems • 30 – 40% of recent biomedical papers will have Altmetric attention. But < 10% in social sciences.
  22. 22. Problems • 30 – 40% of recent biomedical papers will have Altmetric attention. But < 10% in social sciences. • Tools have subtle bias: data sources are mainly those popular in US, Europe
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Thanks for listening! E-mail: Twitter: @altmetric Website: Supported by: