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Cathy Holland - Through the lens of Dimensions: Interoperability, visibility, credibility


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In 2018, the SciELO Program will celebrate 20 years of operation, in full alignment with the advances of open science.

The SciELO 20 Years Conference will address and debate – during its three-day program – the main political, methodological and technological issues that define today’s state of the art in scholarly communication and the trends and innovations that is shaping the future of the universal openness of scholarly publishing and its relationship with today’s Open Access journals, in particular those of the SciELO Network.

The program of the conference is organized around the alignment of SciELO journals and operations with the best practices on communication of open science, such as publishing research data, expediting editorial processes and communication through the continuous publication of articles and the adoption of preprints, maximizing the transparency of research evaluation and the flow of scholarly communication, and searching for more comprehensive systems for assessing research, articles and journals.

A two-day meeting of the coordinators of the national collections of the SciELO Network will take place prior to the Conference with focus on the evaluation of SciELO journals and the SciELO Program and their improvement following the lines of action that will guide their development in the forthcoming five years.

The celebration of SciELO’s 20-year anniversary constitutes an important landmark in SciELO’s evolution, and an exceptional moment to promote the advancement of an inclusive, global approach to scholarly communication and to the open access movement while respecting the diversities of thematic and geographic areas, as well as of languages of scientific research.

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Cathy Holland - Through the lens of Dimensions: Interoperability, visibility, credibility

  1. 1. Cathy Holland Digital Science September 28, 2018 SciELO Conference Through the lens of Dimensions - Interoperability, visibility, credibility
  2. 2. Agenda ● Definitions ○ Are we on the same page? ● The power of interoperability ● Visibility and the indexing of all titles ● Credibility of metrics ● The end
  3. 3. Definitions ● Interoperability ○ The ability of computer systems or software to exchange and make use of information ○ A capacidade de sistemas de computador ou software para trocar e fazer uso de informações ○ La capacidad de los sistemas informáticos o software para intercambiar y hacer uso de la información
  4. 4. Definitions ● Visibility ○ The state of being able to see or be seen or the degree to which something has attracted general attention; prominence ○ O estado de ser capaz de ver ou ser visto ou o grau em que algo atraiu a atenção geral; proeminência ○ El estado de poder ver o ser visto o el grado en que algo ha atraído la atención general; prominencia
  5. 5. Definitions ● Credibility ○ The quality of being trusted and believed in ○ A qualidade de ser confiável e acreditado em ○ La calidad de ser confiable y creer en
  6. 6. The Lens of Dimensions
  7. 7. What is Dimensions? A Networked Research Knowledge System • Connects data across the different elements of research (for discovery and analysis) • Built in collaboration with 100+ research organization development partners worldwide • Basic publications discovery version free for individual researchers • Full data versions licensed to institutions, publishers, funders and corporate customers • Features a variety of article-level metrics such as: ○ Altmetrics, total number of of citations, recent citations, FCR, RCR
  8. 8. Interoperability
  9. 9. Interoperability
  10. 10. Interoperability 4.1m grants $1.3 trillion in funding 37m patents 368k Policy papers 9m Altmetric data points 139K links 480k Clinical trials 350K links 320M links 873M links 97m Publications improved metadata of 50m
  11. 11. Interoperability
  12. 12. Text heretext
  13. 13. Visibility
  14. 14. Visibility
  15. 15. Visibility ALL SciELO content has been indexed in Dimensions.
  16. 16. Visibility Filter by source title Content automatically linked to related grants, patents clinical trials, policy docs, citations and metrics
  17. 17. Credibility
  18. 18. We do not want to impose metrics ... … metrics should be developed by the community … at the discipline, national or institutional level. Example of a partner metric: Relative Citation Ration (RCR) … please join the efforts for more and / or better metrics! Dimensions and metrics
  19. 19. Credibility
  20. 20. Credibility reports/a-guide-to-the-dimensions-data- approach
  21. 21. Credibility
  22. 22. Credibility
  23. 23. Credibility
  24. 24. What does this interoperable tool show us about SciELO?
  25. 25. Publications vs. Citation Rate - SciELO Journals
  26. 26. Patent References Linked to SciELO Journal Articles
  27. 27. Policy References Linked to SciELO Journal Articles
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Thank you!