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Susanne Steiginga - The power of Scopus: Interoperability, visibility & credibility


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In 2018, the SciELO Program will celebrate 20 years of operation, in full alignment with the advances of open science.

The SciELO 20 Years Conference will address and debate – during its three-day program – the main political, methodological and technological issues that define today’s state of the art in scholarly communication and the trends and innovations that is shaping the future of the universal openness of scholarly publishing and its relationship with today’s Open Access journals, in particular those of the SciELO Network.

The program of the conference is organized around the alignment of SciELO journals and operations with the best practices on communication of open science, such as publishing research data, expediting editorial processes and communication through the continuous publication of articles and the adoption of preprints, maximizing the transparency of research evaluation and the flow of scholarly communication, and searching for more comprehensive systems for assessing research, articles and journals.

A two-day meeting of the coordinators of the national collections of the SciELO Network will take place prior to the Conference with focus on the evaluation of SciELO journals and the SciELO Program and their improvement following the lines of action that will guide their development in the forthcoming five years.

The celebration of SciELO’s 20-year anniversary constitutes an important landmark in SciELO’s evolution, and an exceptional moment to promote the advancement of an inclusive, global approach to scholarly communication and to the open access movement while respecting the diversities of thematic and geographic areas, as well as of languages of scientific research.

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Susanne Steiginga - The power of Scopus: Interoperability, visibility & credibility

  1. 1. The power of Scopus Susanne Steiginga, MSc. Senior Product Manager Scopus Content SciELO 20 Years, Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 26-28 2018 Visibility, Interoperability & Credibility
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction & Visibility of your research • Interoperability between products and researchers • Credibility: there are multiple ways of being excellent • ‘The rule of three’
  3. 3. Introduction & visibility of your research Scopus and the high quality content indexed
  4. 4. Scopus is the world’s largest research analytics platform curated by editorially-independent subject experts, and features smart tools that allow you to track, analyze and visualize scholarly research. 5000+ Publishers Scopus delivers a comprehensive view on the world of research. No packages, no add-ons. One all-inclusive subscription. 23,500+ Serial titles 180,000 Books 72 million Items 16 million Author profiles ~70,000 Affiliation Profiles 1.4 billion cited references dating back to 1970 Identify and analyze which journals to read/submit to Help researchers manage career- citation counts and h-index Decide what, where and with whom to collaborate Track impact of research; monitor global research trends Find out what already exists in the global world of research Determine how to differentiate research topics, find ideas
  5. 5. Scholarly Global Representation – All Subject Areas Scopus includes content from more than 5,000 publishers and 105 different countries • 40 different languages covered • Updated daily • Global representation of content from around the world (journals, conferences, books, book series) Source:, September 2018 23,507 Peer-reviewed journals 301 Trade journals 3,784 Active Gold Open Access journals >8,000 Articles in Press Full metadata, abstracts and cited references Physical Sciences 12,263 Health Sciences 13,819 Social Sciences 10,905 Life Sciences 6,809 106K Conference events 8.3M Conference papers Mainly Engineering and Computer Sciences 613 Book series 38K Volumes 1.5M Items 179,429 Stand-alone books 1.34M Items Focus on Social Sci and A&H Number of Journals by subject area Journals Conference Books Interesting facts: • SciELO DB overall = 50%+ actively covered in Scopus • SciELO Brazil Journal selection = 72% actively covered in Scopus
  6. 6. How does content end up in Scopus? Strict content selection criteria A rigorous Scopus content selection (& Re-evaluation) process to ensure that Scopus content is of the best quality Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB)
  7. 7. Globally used in research assessment by over 4,000 organizations and 150 funding & assessment bodies which equals over 60% market share Rankings: Reach NC MD AndersonNew Jersey Economic Development Authority National Science Foundation CAPES Brazil European Commission & ERC FCT Portugal Italy ANVUR Kiel University Danish BFI Germany IFQ Nigerian Government Gazi University UK REF UK BIS Queen’s University Belfast STINT Russian Foundation for Basic Research Ural Federal University ISTIC IISER Peking University Keio University TCI-Thailand NRF- Korea Nanyang Technologica University UK BEIS Japan NIAD-QE
  8. 8. Check yourself how visible your research is via our open (free) Profile pages & Open (free) Journal Source pages
  9. 9. Interoperability The value of international collaboration and products working together
  10. 10. International collaboration (Article, Review, Conference Paper) With a collaboration rate of >49%, South Africa has the highest international collaboration rate of all BRICS countries. Over 30% of all 2017 research published by Brazilian affiliations was via an international collaboration. Source: Scopus data, Article, Review, Conference Papers only (September 2018), powered by SciVal
  11. 11. International collaboration leads to increase of Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) Collaboration FWCI Country FWCI Co-authored publications 6.24 Russian Federation 0.75 2,216 6.61 India 0.80 2,429 5.27 China 0.96 3,405 7.33 South Africa 1.28 1,598 Brazil FWCI = 0.91 Source: Scopus data (September 2018), powered by SciVal
  12. 12. Next to researchers internationally collaborating, products collaborate too leading to greatness
  13. 13. Advantages of interoperability between PlumX Metrics & Scopus – Show your SciELO citation counts in Scopus
  14. 14. 9-10-2018 Sponosored Ranking Events - attendees analysis
  15. 15. Credibility There are multiple ways of being excellent next to receiving citations
  16. 16. Received citations are the standard way to measure excellence: CiteScore is a simple & free metric for all Scopus serials B CiteScore Impact Factor A = citations to 3 years of documents A = citations to 2 or 5 years of documents B = all documents indexed in Scopus, same as A B = only citable items (articles and reviews), different from A CiteScore 2017 value B = A
  17. 17. CiteScore is one of a family of related metrics
  18. 18. Source: Scopus (September 2018) There are multiple ways of being excellent besides citations – PLUM
  19. 19. Source: Scopus (September 2018) There are multiple ways of being excellent besides citations
  20. 20. Conclusion – ‘The rule of three’ • Visibility – Scopus indexes content from around the globe and covers >70% of the SciELO Brazil Journal selection. Over 60% of the market will have access your research when indexed in Scopus giving you strong visibility. • Interoperability – International collaboration increases your FWCI and makes it more impactful. Scopus showcases your SciELO citations via the direct PLUM integration. • Credibility – There are more ways to be excellent, next to receiving citations and having a high CiteScore, non-citation based metrics like Media Mentions, Usage, Social Media and Captures via PLUM tell an additional value story.
  21. 21. Obrigada! Susanne Steiginga, MSc. Sr. Product Manager Scopus Content