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This is part of a new marketing campaign we'll be launching in the Autumn

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Scibite - We Do.

  1. 1. Email:  
  2. 2. We Monitor Drug Discovery On The Internet, 24/7 Using The Latest Text-Analytics Tools Science Professionals Use Our Data, Developers Use Our Software Data Intelligence Text Analysis  A  free  “Twi9er®”  like   news  feed  for  pharma  &  biotech   SciBite  Plus:  A  rich  therapeuCc   intelligence  dashboard  for  scienCfic  &   business  analysts   SciBite  API:  Access  to  a  rich  data  feed  for   data-­‐mining  in  target  discovery  and  drug  repurposing   Termite:  A  highly-­‐tuned  text-­‐mining   engine  for  pharma  and  biotechnology   Termite-­‐Search:  Powerful   detecCon  of  biomedical  topics  in  text   Termite-­‐Ontologies:  Ontologies   and  text-­‐mining  thesauri  for  life  science   industry  
  3. 3. What is Therapeutic Intelligence? I  care  about  asthma.       What  does  the  current  landscape  of   (Drugs,  Targets,  Companies,  Trials,   Collabora:ons…)  look  like?   Well, a bit like this actually >>
  4. 4. Coloured  bars  tell  us  type   of  arCcle  (news,  patent,   paper…)   SemanCc  tags  tell  us   exactly  which  topics   menConed,  regardless  of   synonyms   Spikes  when   interesCng  stuff   happening   Never  miss  a  thing,   email  or  RSS  updates   Not  just  “things”,  context  too. “.. like Twitter® for Pharma..” Best of all, its completely free!  
  5. 5. But That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg Our  database  contains  millions  of   papers,  clinical  trials  summaries,  grants,   patents,  news  arCcles,  blog  posts,   Tweets,  press  releases,  FDA  noCces  and   much  more…   Interrogate Our Data, Understand The Landscape >>
  6. 6. NewsScape  plot  shows   topic-­‐topic   relaConships  by  Cme   and  frequency   InteracCve  charts   highlighCng  hot   targets,  drugs,   companies,   indicaCons   SciBite Plus: Understand & Exploit The Drug Discovery Landscape   Commercial  Landscape   map  shows  who’s  working   on  your  target…  for  what.   Target  relaConship   matrix,  find  new  targets   by  precedence     &  Much  More  Coming  Soon…..  
  7. 7. h9p://     SciBite API : A World Of Opportunity For Data Miners  
  8. 8. Termite® The SciBite Text-Mining Engine   Termite Makes Text-Mining Easy •  Simple architecture, runs on any Unix/Linux/OSX system •  High throughput, easily scaled to process MB of text per second •  “On-demand” and batch-mode processing •  Combines thesauri and algorithms in a best-of-both platform •  Professionally curated modules to identify gene, disease, side effect, biochemical, companies, procedures, drugs, cells, and many more Termite Is Uniquely Tuned For Biomedicine •  There are many text-mining tools out there, but none of them provide the range of capabilities offered by Termite •  While other engines struggle with the ambiguity of everyday biomedical text, Termite embraces it. •  For example: •  Termite knows when “GSK” means Glucose Synthase Kinase and when it means GlaxoSmithKline •  Termite knows when “Hedgehog” means the developmental protein and not the animal •  Termite knows that ERK1/2 means the proteins ERK1 and ERK2 •  Termite knows there are at least five diseases known as “Pick Disease” and can work out which exact one the text concerns For  many  more  examples  where  other  engines  fail,  see  our  presentaCon:   h9p://­‐dealing-­‐with-­‐real-­‐world  
  9. 9. Try Termite Now! Go  to   h9p://       Then find an article Install The Bookmarklet Watch Termite In Action Internal  installa7on  for  private  documents  is  available  
  10. 10. Augmenting Enterprise Search Document   Repositories   Extracted     Files   Termite   Enhancement   SemanCc   “Tags”   Your  search  tool   here   Generic Search Tools Just Don’t Cut It! •  Standard Enterprise Search systems are built to serve a wide audience. They can’t deal with the nuances of biomedicine •  Which means your users get annoyed when they can’t find the right drug, target or indication •  Termite can be installed as part of your indexing workflow, creating rich (and correct) meta-data that allows users to search more accurately •  Documents can be extracted and tagged in batch, or on-the-fly using the Termite-On- Demand web service  
  11. 11. ..  And  Now…   Cell  Line   Species   InvesCgaCve  Procedure   Phenotype   MedDRA   Termite Ontologies & Thesauri Custom  Ontologies   Created  For  You     Extensive  ontologies  and   thesauri,  curated  by   experts  with  decades  of   drug-­‐discovery   experience  
  12. 12. Contact Us At To Discuss How We Can Help Your Organisation Thanks For Reading!