Scibite flyer 2013


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Our new 2013 promo flyer describing the services we can offer biotech and pharma companies.

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Scibite flyer 2013

  1. 1.   SciBite - From Molecule To Merger   PHARMA & BIOTECH INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS Understanding The Therapeutic Landscape SciBite provides a powerful new approach to competitor intelligence and opportunity spotting within drug discovery. Our combination of advanced semantic text analysis and crowd- sourced, community trends provides you with a unique perspective on drugs, companies, targets and indications across patents, papers, clinical trials, grants, news and social media. All of this is live, updated continuously – you’ll never miss the next big thing! SciBite is essentially a large database of every recent article of relevance to drug discovery, accurately tagged with critical concepts. The system excels at: ¤ INFORMING SCIENTISTS & BUSINESS ANALYSTS SCIBITE.COM: Live Pharma Intelligence SCIBITE-PLUS: Coming Soon! Keep up to date with the latest Cutting-edge analytics to Drug Discovery trends. provide deep insight into Literature, Patents, Grants, new therapeutic Clinical Trials, Blogs, News, opportunities and Tweets and more, all in one competitor activity. All from place! a single, web-based dashboard ¤ ENABLING INFORMATICIANS AND DATA MINERS THE SCIBITE API “TERMITE” – TEXT MINING TOOL Class-leading text-mining Access all of our data for your software and entity own data mining. Find and recogniser. Semantic mine new connections markup of documents and between drugs, companies, improve search engine targets and indications. performance. Best in class thesauri. ¤ ENHANCING YOUR INTERNAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS SCIBITE WIDGETS SCIBITE DATA Embed live news into your own Access the full SciBite applications, provide your dataset and connect the scientists with instant, relevant rich information on the drug updates. Simple, standards- discovery landscape into based integration. your internal network Contact us today to discuss how your organisation can keep track of new developments for the therapy areas and targets you care about. Take a look at: To contact us, please visit: Page 1 of 2 © 2013 SciBite Limited. Registered In England & Wales No. 7778456 Contact us via @Scibitely
  2. 2.   SciBite - From Molecule To Merger   ¤ SOURCES - SCANNED EVERY MINUTE, EVERY DAY No other system provides as broad coverage, in real time! Name Description MEDLINE Broad coverage of the biomedical published literature CLINICALTRIALS.GOV Clinical trials database from the US NIH ISRCTN World-wide clinical trials database EUCTR European clinical trials register PATENTS WO, EP and US office life science and clinical patents GRANTS New grant awards in the US from the NIH NEWS Latest stories from thousands of government, industry and media websites SOCIAL Latest blog posts and tweets from key figures in the industry REAGENTS Biologically relevant chemicals ¤ MAJOR ENTITIES (CONCEPTS) COVERED Code Description Links To Public IDs? GENE Human gene/proteins Yes (HGNC) PROTYP Protein Types (Families) Yes (HGNC) INDICATION Human disease/indication Yes (MeSH) COMPANY Pharma/Biotech companies No (SciBite Proprietary) DRUG Known drugs (clinical, development & discovery) Yes (ChEMBL) MIRNA MicroRNAs Yes (mirBase) MUTATION Protein Mutations No (Not applicable) RESCODE Drug research codes Yes (ChEMBL) BIOCHEM Biologically relevant chemicals Yes (MeSH) We use extensive synonym collections (‘thesauri”) to scan every article we see for mentions of critical drug discovery topics. Many of these are based on public sources, designed to facilitate integration with other data. However, they are extensively curated and validated to compensate for the many missing or ambiguous terms found in raw sources. Our Protein Family collection covers high-level molecule groups (such as ‘Interleukins’, ‘Cytokines’, ‘DNA Methylases’) capturing far more than traditional gene-centric approaches. We believe our thesauri give us, and potentially you, a clear advantage. ¤ WHAT CAN I DO WITH IT ALL? Our unparalleled combination of data mining and crowd-sourced social trends results in a powerful dataset for understanding the latest “hot” areas in drug discovery. By viewing our data in different ways you can understand competitor activity, look for new targets for an indication, find new biomarkers or biological approaches, monitor drug failures, identify trends and much more. Here are just some of the many ways to view our data: Heat maps differentiate novel and precedented approaches Time Target Trend Plots pick out topics peaking in activity Publications/year for GEO tagging shows breast cancer targets who’s working on what, and where. ABOUT SCIBITE SciBite is led by scientists with many years experience analysing and acting on competitor intelligence within big pharma. We believe that our unique approach opens up access to this type of data to a wider audience and provides new opportunities to understand the ever-changing therapeutic landscape. Page 2 of 2 © 2013 SciBite Limited. Registered In England & Wales No. 7778456 Contact us via @Scibitely